communication skills games
There is no denying that good communication skills are at a premium in the business world, with high demand for clear communicators in every industry. This demand has led to countless workshops and lectures, all claiming to improve communication skills among employees, and between management and the workforce. However, no workshop can claim, among its benefits, that everyone engaging in it is guaranteed to have fun or get to know one another better, all while
room escape personalities
Let’s face it, any time there is a group that gets together, personalities fly. There are leaders and followers, cheerleaders and supporters. There are also moments within time restraints where a man or woman might completely switch their personality type and adopt a new one due to pressure. Whatever the case, there are five basic personality types that come out in full force during an escape the room theme night. Whether you see it or
halloween at Room Escape

Halloween at Room Escape

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes haunted houses, headless ghosts, blood thirsty vampires, and brain hungry zombies. There are a ton of quick and simple ways to make your office, business, or friendly social gathering perfectly spooky. Halloween at Escape The Room is an experience for the entire company. It should be noted that a haunted theme party will always go down as a night to remember, for everyone. We have
What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game
  Escape game is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who want to be light-hearted. This game is amusing, intense, it is a clever mix of both strategy and teamwork, and can be exactly as fun as you make it. Whether you go for fun with your friends or make it into a teamwork exercise for the employees, an escape game is really for anyone who likes to have a good
Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve
Have you ever wondered what kind of skills your brain receives when deep in critical thought? Have you considered what your brain is capable of when it is time to make a decision, especially under pressure? Escape games improve and flex your brain muscles in more ways than one. Not only do you experience an influx of creative thinking that is outside the box, but you are also practicing skills in working together as a