How We’re Keeping You Safe and Entertained

  • How We're Keeping You Safe and Entertained - How We're Keeping You Safe and Entertained

While we didn’t invent quarantine, we perfected fun while being locked in a room.
We created Escape the Room to be a place people could get together and have fun in real life. We need that now more than ever and with the steps we’ve taken to keep you safe, Escape the Room is perfect for physically distant socializing.
The changes we made below ensure EtR is a safe place to be with family and friends.

1) Just like your home, EtR is a space just for you and your friends. All games are completely private, and you won’t interact with anyone you didn’t bring. Games are scheduled so you won’t share the lobby with any other teams. We ask that you come exactly at your designated time to help us with this.

2) Our staff will have their temperature taken when showing up to work. Anyone with a fever or not feeling well will be sent home. Staff will be taking every precaution available to maintain safety like wearing masks and staying 6 feet away from customers and other employees.

3) Hand sanitizer will be readily available for both staff and patrons.

4) We will provide masks and disposable gloves for any player requesting them.

5) We have added additional time between games to make sure we can thoroughly clean and sanitize the rooms after each and every game.

6) We will be utilizing both UV sanitizing wands along with applying antimicrobial solutions with an atomizing mist system used in doctor’s offices proved to be far superior than trigger style spray bottles (currently we are the only escape room company incorporating this into our disinfecting routine).

Finally, we want to say thank you. Being able to create games and entertaining people is our dream come true. While this is difficult time for everyone by following the steps above, we can provide a safer and fun environment for everyone.

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