The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

Escape room simulations are high-pressure scenarios, and unless everyone is willing to think outside of the box and listen to one another, things can quickly descend into absolute chaos. If you are with a group that works well together, or not, you will experience the high highs and low lows of Escape the Room, at the drop of a hat.

Once derailed by this type of confusion, any possibility of achieving a high score, or breaking records, flies out
the window, and for anyone with a serious intention of having an excellent escape room experience, the following
provides a list of the most common escape room mistakes to avoid.

  1. Keeping all the good ideas to yourself
    In the escape room, information is as valuable as the time remaining on the clock. Patterns, numbers, intuitive
    leaps of reasoning that you cannot fully explain, any of these might be the key to solving the puzzles that are
    keeping the team trapped and helpless. Hoarding information or insisting that you can figure out a puzzle all
    alone will not serve in the escape room.
  2. Losing your cool
    An escape your escapade is no time to get into a shouting match or an argument, however, it happens frequently, to
    the detriment of the entire team. Between the theatrics of the escape room scenario, and the ticking time clock,
    adrenaline surges, but keeping your cool is an invaluable advantage.
  3. A team too large or too small
    There is such a thing as having too many players on your team, and there is also certainly the possibility of
    bringing too few. A shortage of players means that all the puzzles will quickly overwhelm your squad, while too
    many players may step on each other’s toes, and waste time arguing instead of solving one puzzle after another.Six
    people can break up into smaller groups to tackle challenges, but also provides enough manpower for bigger
    obstacles to be overcome.
  4. Ignoring information
    The “boring” stuff at the beginning of the event, with all the safety and rules and stuff? Pay close attention,
    because it’s chock-full of clues, information, and tips for how to maximize the amount of time in the game. The
    minutes spent going over that information are minutes that you can save in the room.
  5. Getting stuck at the beginning
    If you can’t solve a puzzle, MOVE ON. Just because a compelling puzzle presents itself immediately in the escape
    room, does not mean that it is a high priority, or even something that can be solved until a later piece of
    information is unlocked.
  6. Giving up too soon
    Nothing is worse than an Escape the Room player who gives up right away. So, when you are feeling stuck, don’t
    think you have the answer, or simply have a moment where you have no idea how you will solve the puzzle, remember,
    you are not alone!
  7. Not taking the puzzle seriously
    Of course, the game is meant to be fun, but if you save all your good advice and effort for the end, you’ll be
    surely sad at the very end. Right out the gates, bring it and have fun!

For more advice on Escape The Room, or to book your next date night, party, corporate event, or celebration, call us and reserve your room, today!

Personalities You Can Find in an Escape Room

room escape personalities

room escape personalities

Let’s face it, any time there is a group that gets together, personalities fly. There are leaders and followers, cheerleaders and supporters. There are also moments within time restraints where a man or woman might completely switch their personality type and adopt a new one due to pressure.

Whatever the case, there are five basic personality types that come out in full force during an escape the room theme night. Whether you see it or not, the room will bring it out of you tenfold. Think about people you would take to escape the room. Think about their personality types. Now throw it out the window because truly, anything goes.

This article’s purpose is to outline the major personalities that come out of the escape the room process and is designed to give you insight on what to expect before you embark on your great adventure. Read on to find out where you may or may not fall.

Escape room personalities

escape room personalities


  1. The controller – This person is the leader; or thinks he or she is the leader. They initially take the reins and want to do everything their way, or the highway. Too put together to be a loose cannon, but not willing enough to submit to anyone else’s ideas, this personality can be both a gift and a burden to a team.
    In order to accurately deal with a controller, you need to make them feel like everything is their idea, even if it is your own. If you know the solution, pick the shortcut answer to set off the lightbulb in their head, and get moving toward the end result of finishing the game.
  2. The analyst – This is the person who wants to make the list, check it twice and then check it three or four more times to be completely sure. The analyst personality will come out full force when they don’t feel like they are in control, yet they are excellent team players because they are great at getting the job finished.
    In order to have a productive analyst in the group, who is contributing toward the goal, make sure they feel heard and you are actually paying attention to their checklist. They are keen observers and most likely know what they are talking about.
  3. The cheerleader – The cheerleader is the person who keeps the fun going during the escape the room process. Maybe they have no idea what is going on, but they are certain that everyone is going to have a good time.
    These personalities come out full force when there is a discrepancy or if there is a problem. They love to start the project and have brilliant ideas, but are normally too distracted to finish it. The best way to have a productive cheerleader in the group is to just let them be themselves! One thing is certain, everyone will have a good time!
  4. The supporter – This is the personality that comes out when people just aren’t agreeing on something. This personality type is okay with going last, as long as everyone is heard before them. They are more willing to take the side of someone else than thinking about their own ideas or ways of contributing.
    In order to have a successful supporter personality in the group, you have to let them take care of your needs and to feel heard. As long as they feel the love, the experience will be even more enjoyable than you ever imagined.

For more tips on what to expect when you escape the room, or more information on what escape the room is about, read our articles or website, and get your appointment scheduled to have fun with all personality types.

Halloween at Room Escape

halloween at Room Escape

halloween at Room Escape

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes haunted houses, headless ghosts, blood thirsty vampires, and brain hungry zombies. There are a ton of quick and simple ways to make your office, business, or friendly social gathering perfectly spooky.

Halloween at Escape The Room is an experience for the entire company. It should be noted that a haunted theme party will always go down as a night to remember, for everyone.

We have tips and suggestions to make your halloween escape room party the best and scariest experience yet.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a themed room designed for individuals and groups to think critically, have fun, and explore all given options, tips, and tools in order to escape a room. Studies have shown that any escape room activity is actually one of the most intellectually stimulating games or methods of entertainment for men and women who participate.

Another great aspect of Escape Room is the ability to work together and collaborate to find a solution where everyone gets out of the room within adequate timeframe. This is a particularly important skill to work on, especially when going with a team or business group, because it allows for equal leadership and teamwork.

Coming together to find a solution to escape the room has the same underlying mechanisms that your office will work with currently, or in the future. With social circles, Escape Rooms are an exciting way to get together and have a different kind of fun! Instead of sitting on the couch watching a movie, or going out to the same bar night in and night out, take your circle of friends to an escape room and change up your evening with thrilling, impactful fun.

Halloween is a perfect time to get your friends or co-workers together to escape the room. All you need to do is figure out what you need to either make your own escape room or simply come into one of our facilities and enjoy the premade, pre-decorated Halloween fun.

Simple ideas to create your own Halloween Room Escape

  • Dress up as a ghoulish group and meet at the room escape in theme. Here are just a few ideas: The Adams’ Family, Ghostbusters, zombies, group of vampires, escaped convicts, escaped asylum patients, The Avengers, Minions, hazardous waste chemical clean up workers, jungle animals, bloodied athletes, horror riddled priests, or zombies and zombie hunters.
  • Get authentic, Halloween decor and decorate the room with a fright night festivities. Items like fake cobwebs, pumpkins, spiders, orange lights, floating ghosts, witches, flying bats and skeletons.
  • Dress up mannequins as spooky props.
  • Let players find objects in the room that are scary, menacing, and Halloween themed. Think ouiji boards, brooms, fake blood, masks, and fake gravestones.
  • Host a pumpkin carving segment. Either carve them yourself or hold a vote on which pumpkin shows the most Halloween spirit.

Don’t waste another minute wondering what you are going to do this Halloween or even this weekend. Escape the Room is a fun, thoughtful, and entertaining way to spend your weekend. Bring your team in and work together to reach a common goal, and a have a lot of fun along the way.

For more information on Escape the Room, or to read more articles about themes, events and activities, read our blog posts and call us to schedule your next group event!

What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game

What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game

What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game


Escape game is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who want to be light-hearted. This game is amusing, intense, it is a clever mix of both strategy and teamwork, and can be exactly as fun as you make it. Whether you go for fun with your friends or make it into a teamwork exercise for the employees, an escape game is really for anyone who likes to have a good time.

If you want to know exactly how to play an escape game, and the bottom line tips and tricks, here are some facts you should go through before signing up for a game. This article isn’t meant to spoil the fun of what actually goes on inside the escape room, but rather give insight into what you can do, in order to optimize your experience.

What should I know before playing escape game?

  • Familiarize yourself with the concept – An escape room is a game played with a group. The foundation is you and a group of friends, co-workers, strangers, or family are locked in a room and given a specific puzzle to figure out before you are “allowed” to leave. Each game has a 60-minute timer you are given to figure out the puzzles. You are also given clues to guide you in figuring out the answers that will get you out before your timer hits zero.


  • The game can be a challenge – There are no easy corners to cut in the escape room, but we promise it is a fun and challenging experience. The great news is you are in a group where multiple people have multiple skills, and you are able to use each person’s strengths to leverage a WIN.


  • Make sure you have a great group – Escape room is all about your group. Do you have a fun group or a group that is boring? You will want to be in a game where you like, or tolerate, the people involved. A great group will make the experience that much better.


  • The solution is one-part street smarts, one-part book smarts – This goes back to your group and who you are playing with. Not everyone needs to be a super genius, yet you do have to have someone who is slightly book smart (i.e. a critical thinker) and someone who is street smart.


  • You can go with a theme – Make your evening fun and enroll your group into going to the escape room with a theme. You can be escaped convicts, Disney princesses, Great Gatsby flappers, or mad scientists, it is truly up to you.  A great way to figure out how to dress it up is to match the theme of the escape room you choose to play!


  • It’s not a trick! There is a solution! No, this isn’t some sick joke… you will want to find a solution, because there is one. And, it’s probably right under your nose. Sometimes when you think outside the box a little, the solution was there all along.


  • You will have 60-minutes, but you might solve it in less time – The game does give you 60 minutes to solve the puzzle, but many groups solve it in less time. If you feel like you are the only group that has taken all the time to solve the puzzle, you’re sorely mistaken! If you think your group is the only one in the history of time NOT to solve the puzzle, you’d also be wrong.


  • You should be having fun! This isn’t some crazy, insane game where you will win a million dollars at the end, so have fun and enjoy your company! Not every group solves the puzzle, but it is, of course, encouraged to have lots of fun along the way. This is how the game was designed!


Whether you are looking to book an escape room date for team building or a social event, you will enjoy the fun-filled, mind-bending, action-packed evening with people you know and love, while flexing those brain muscles. For more information, call us or read other articles to learn everything you need to know about an Escape the Room adventure.

Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve

Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve

Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve

Have you ever wondered what kind of skills your brain receives when deep in critical thought? Have you considered what your brain is capable of when it is time to make a decision, especially under pressure?

Escape games improve and flex your brain muscles in more ways than one. Not only do you experience an influx of creative thinking that is outside the box, but you are also practicing skills in working together as a team, dispersing leadership, solution-oriented thinking, and so much more.

There is a reason why so many Americans love Escape The Room games! We have compiled an article on some of the best and most effective ways your brain improves as an effect of escape room skills.

Read on to find out just what you’re flexing when you’re escaping the room.

Working out the brain skills

It isn’t every day you find yourself trapped in a room with limited resources in order to find the best way to escape. At least, we hope not.

What you are doing to your brain while in an escape room is teaching it a new skill that is different and abnormal than just another walk down the street to get the mail. Your brain is essentially getting a new kind of workout because you are teaching it a new experience to deal with. As those beautiful neural pathways are being created to serve your purpose of leaving the room, you are in turn exercising parts of your brain that might not get as much activity.

Puzzles and strategy games are two of many other great ways to exercise your brain and flex your cerebral muscles, but there is an added element of working with others that makes escape the room just a little more exciting than chess.

Working out the brain skills

Enhancing competition skills

We all have competitive bones in our bodies, and at times our days can be so boring and normal that we don’t get competitive over fun activities. Escape room games have been created to give you that competitive rush once again and get you moving into a direction that is driving your result forward. The 60-minute timeline was put into place to allow the skill of competition to thrive, especially under pressure.

Critical thinking skills

Escape the room games take an incredible degree of patience and concentration. There is no room for bright shiny objects in a high-pressure situation like this. Instead, the participants must have a single focused goal.

Most Escape rooms have a linear timeline, and the participants can’t move forward until the previous task has been completed. This is done by thinking critically and taking steps that will lead to progression rather than wasting time.

Hone creative skills

Your critical thinking skills are being used and enhanced when you are finding creative solutions to solve a problem. Think of escaping the themed room as a giant puzzle with lots of different pathways to go down, but only one solution. There is a pattern that your brain must make in order to get creative with both your team and yourself to get the end result. And it does all of that while you’re having LOTS of fun.

Increase your ability to be aware of your surroundings

Awareness is the key in any game, and escape the room is no exception. At all times you must be aware of what is going on around you, how you are impacting or influencing a game, and what you need to do to reach the point of glory, i.e. escape. You are interacting with the game, or puzzle, while using the people around you to hone in on their skills so it benefits everyone in the long run.

You cannot go wrong at Escape the Room. Whether you are leading the pack or working as part of a team, participating in the escape the room game will help hone your mental skills and perfect your critical thinking craft altogether. Call us today to sign up for a couple or teambuilding night and experience the thrill of the great escape!