Why Are Room Escape Games so Popular

Why Are Room Escape Games so Popular

Why Are Room Escape Games so Popular

As citizens of the world, we are all kind of obsessed with puzzles and entertainment, especially when they are combined. Think about it… some of the most popular movies and TV shows today are wrapped around a little drama, a little confusion, some kind of issue at hand, and a solution that must be found.

Take Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Homeland, or 24 as examples of movies, books, and TV shows that have a theme around “we must get this done, we don’t know exactly how, but we must, in order to save the world.” Okay, so, in real life it isn’t that serious, but you get a little taste of what it might be like to be the star in one of these shows when you play the escape the room games.

This article will describe popular room escape games, dive into why we love them so much and give a little bit of insight as to why they are fun for just about anyone. Read along to find out more, and how you can book your next event at your local Escape The Room.

What Is So Great About Room Escape Games?

As described above, humans are deeply entertained by escape the room, drama-centered events and shows with a problem that needs to be solved. The escape room game emulates this insatiable need to be the hero within an allotted period of time.

Each room is designed to test your mental strength, work as a team with people you may or may not know, and, ultimately, ring in success by escaping the room with time to spare. Participants in an escape the room game will use hints, clues, and riddles at hand in order to break out of the room.

Who Plays Escape the Room Games?

Just about anyone can play escape the room games. From the most competitive sports coach, you know to the stay at home mom who loves her soaps, to your female team leader who seems to know just about everything. Each person playing flexes a different skill they have, in order to solve the puzzle together.

Corporate events love hosting their employees and co-workers in escape the room events because it builds individual character while also nourishing a team building experience. Likewise, watching a team complete the escape room game will give an employer or business owner a better idea of how their employees work together and under pressure!

popular room escape games

Party planners, whether they are professional or not, love booking rooms at Escape The Room because it is a completely different experience than almost any other you can think of. When someone is sick of the bar scene or tired of going out to the same restaurant, Escape The Room provides a fun way to do something different and fun!

All in all, escape room games are so popular because they are new and different to each person who is playing. Creating memories together as a work team or social circle is an irreplaceable experience that will be drawn on and from for years to come.

How to Book Your Next Event

To book your next event, simply give us a call! Tell us a little bit about what you want and expect from Escape The  Room game, and we will use our expertise to make your next event the best one yet. Call us today, and get your reservation in!

Engage Your Employees with Escape the Room Games

Engage Your Employees with Escape the Room Games


how to engage employees

If you work in an office, have a team, or manage employees, there comes a point where morale is wavering, teamwork is falling flat, or perhaps production just isn’t where it should be. There is a myriad of reasons WHY this happens, but instead, wouldn’t it be more productive to focus on a solution to get back to optimum performance and collaboration as a team at work?

Ultimately, if you have asked yourself how to engage employees in your workspace, consider the answer being one of amazing Escape The Room games! A fun activity might just be what everyone needs to start working together in a better, more focused space, build comradery, and ultimately foster positive relationships between one another.

This article will answer the digging question of how to get employees engaged by taking a trip to your local Escape The Room! Read on to find out more.

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is an entertaining, mind-bending, team building experience, located within our local facilities. The goal of Escape The Room games is to work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles, to achieve the end result of escaping the room. Each step achieved builds on the last and emphasizes various strengths each individual has.

Created to build relationships and create excitement, Escape The Room has played a key role in building teams, hosting incredible events, and giving everyone a reason to celebrate and make impactful memories.

How Does Escape The Room Impact the Workplace?

Solving a puzzle with co-workers is, generally speaking, way better than sitting in a cold, stuffy conference room going over a PowerPoint presentation about how to work together, build work relationships, and stay engaged in projects and work tasks.

Escape The Room games are FUN, exciting, and allows for the quiet employees to step up as leaders and for leaders to step back as support. These roles undoubtedly carry on from Escape The Room and into the workplace, where employees have a new set of confidence in their skills and what they bring to the team.

Why Choose the Escape Room for a Team Building Exercise?

While the chances of your team being locked in a room with a handful of ways to get out in real life probably won’t ever happen, some issues, problems, or projects at work might feel like your team is locked in a problem that has seemingly no solution.

Participating in a escape the room game as a team will allow participants to revisit their time in the room, explore what they had to draw forth to solve the puzzle, AND understand what it means to be a team player, while also giving employees and team members the confidence to push just a little further to explore creative, outside the box solutions, to solve the problem at hand.

how to get employees engaged

How Can a Team Make the Escape Room Fun for Employees?

There are tons of different ways to make escape room game fun. One is to create a theme around the event! If you have office jokes, all enjoy a certain theme or show, or if you simply want everyone to dress up as whatever they want, you can really set the mood for an exciting and fun experience.

Another way to make escape room game fun for employees is to create an evening or afternoon around it. Engage your employees and ask if they want to go to lunch before, dinner after, or grab some beverages to talk about how much fun they had and continue to make bonding memories.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to find a solution regarding how to get employees engaged, we, at Escape The Room, have an answer for you. Simply give us a quick call and talk to our customer service representatives to schedule your team building experience, today!

How to Raise Employee Morale

How to Raise Employee Morale

morale boosting games

No matter how effective, enthusiastic, and dynamic your office is, every team can benefit from higher employee morale. When it comes to morale-boosting games, run of the mill ideas like an employee potluck or a happy hour at the local watering hole can be hit or miss, since often they can just feel like an extension of office politics, without the opportunity for employees to get to know one another on a more intimate basis or develop trust.

Additionally, traditional methods for boosting employee morale leave the walls between management and employee upright, hindering the development of trusting relationships between bosses and their staff. How does employee morale rise? Well, if a pay raise is out of the question…

Enter the escape room challenge! One of the biggest factors in employee morale is whether the employees feel valued, heard, and acknowledged for their hard work or not. Employees who are aware that their bosses in management know their worth and protect their interests will work harder and longer than employees who have doubts.
So, as the boss, if you’re asking yourself how to raise employee morale, Escape The Room is the place for you and your team!

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is a fast-paced environment where a team collaborates together to find the solution to a seemingly impossible set of puzzles or games, in order to break out of the room you are in and soak in the glory of a victory that awaits you on the other side of the room.

Scenarios within the room escapes provide rare opportunities for bosses and employees to be on a level playing field, leaving their job titles at the door, as they collaborate to solve problems as a team. The trust that this develops will carry over into the workplace, boosting morale and productivity.

How Can Morale Be Lifted During the Game?

The equality of the escape room situation means that everyone in the room is an important factor in escaping. This can lead to scenarios where introverted, quieter employees that frequently pass on opportunities to provide input during meetings or office parties become the heroes or heroines of the entire office when they’re the ones that provide the insight at the last moment, that saves the day.

Employee morale is sure to raise when painfully shy Linda from Analytics blossoms in front of the whole department as a leader and a sleuth extraordinaire. Escape The Room gives each person, with almost every skill from leadership to computer analytics, an opportunity to flex their skills and help, i.e. be a part of the solution.

This aspect alone is incredibly important when talking about a person’s self-confidence, and ability to speak up and perform under pressure. Self-esteem in an office scenario can seem dreary, but it ends up being one of the most important individual pieces to a teamwork puzzle.

How do high-pressure scenarios raise morale?

The escape room provides a high-pressure arena for employees to bond as a team, and adrenaline is often pumping so high that the camaraderie created simulates the bonds formed by firefighters, police, and the military among its members. Our brains simply cannot tell the difference between a simulation and real life when there are that much dopamine and adrenaline flooding our system.

An office with a shared experience, such as an escape room memory, will never view a measly deadline as a challenge again. The comradery that a team experiences at the end of a puzzle will undoubtedly leave you all with something a little more exciting to talk about on a Tuesday morning.

How to Book a Room for Your Next Team Building Event

When you are ready to do something different, and dive into a new experience with your team, in order to raise morale, give us a call to reserve a room! You will be happy you did something outside the box to improve individual self-esteem and overall team building.

For more information read through some of our blogs, or book your room, today, by giving us a call!

How to Improve Team Collaboration with Escape the Room Games

How to Improve Team Collaboration with Escape the Room Games

team collaboration games

In the business world, teams can often get hung up on mental snags, unproductive ideas such as “that’s not my job” or “not my department”. There can be office drama, gossip, and passive-aggressive behavior that doesn’t do anyone any good, especially the team!

Colleagues and team members, over time, or simply due to a clash of personalities, can develop hurt feelings, and behavior that is not effective in achieving team goals, workplace harmony, and harbor long-lasting relationships.

Even less effective are the times when colleagues withhold valuable information from one another or are unwilling to hear each other out, convinced that “their way” is the best way. When teams close themselves off to communication, the results are never as productive as when teams are open, helpful, and trusting of each other.

How Do Teams Learn to Improve Collaboration?

While seminars and workshops can provide important intellectual tools for improving communication, they fall far short of experiential exercises when it comes to cementing new ways of thinking into the minds of employees. There is just too much ingrained thinking, for a few hours of lecture to have much impact.

That is where escape room, team collaboration games, can provide an invaluable service. During the game, teams will have no choice but to leave their prejudices at the door and form entirely new mental paradigms focused on clear communication, communal knowledge sharing, responsible delegation, and holding one another capable and accountable.

How Does It Work?

With their adrenaline pumping as they race against the clock, ineffective leadership styles and poor people skills will quickly be jettisoned in favor of consensus building, rapid-fire sharing of intuitive insights, and loyalty to team success.

The science behind this phenomena is similar in any high-pressure environment. Human beings are hardwired to form trusting relationships, and when adrenaline and dopamine overwhelm the nervous system, the usual intellectual blocks that make individuals reticent to form new friendships, and trust one another, evaporate in moments, as nature takes over to make a group of humans into a sum greater than its parts.

How Is Escape Room like the Workplace?

Experiences such as escape rooms are directly translatable to the workplace. The time limit mimics an important deadline, the puzzles that teams encounter simulate big projects that defy easy resolution, and the attendant chaos of the scenario, along with the fact that different personalities shine in different roles, is analogous to workplace strengths and weaknesses.

Having no choice but to work together towards a common goal, teams that have a shared experience in escape rooms can never again proclaim that “things are just not clicking”, or they never would have made it out of the room. A collaboration such as a successful escape will remind them of how well they work together.

It Pays to Have Fun Every Once and a While!

Instead of sitting in a cold meeting room and going over a PowerPoint presentation on team building, office behavior, strategic thinking, and more choose a fun, fast-paced atmosphere where your team or office will have the chance to experience something different and fun! No one likes being locked up in the office all day, get out and enjoy one another!

For more ideas on why your corporate event, or team-building event, should be held at Escape The Room, read some of our other blogs and articles. To book or reserve a room for your next event, give us a call, and get going on your productive workplace!

How Escape Room Helps Communication Skills

communication skills games

communication games for work

There is no denying that good communication skills are at a premium in the business world, with high demand for clear communicators in every industry. This demand has led to countless workshops and lectures, all claiming to improve communication skills among employees, and between management and the workforce.

However, no workshop can claim, among its benefits, that everyone engaging in it is guaranteed to have fun or get to know one another better, all while developing team building communication skills.

That is why Escape The Room has developed an escape room that not only provides the office with an exciting boost to morale, but it does so while focusing on the particular skills that will lead to more effective communication when everyone gets back to work. Communication skills games might be the answer to help your team work harder and more effectively.
Read through this article to find some team communication games that will translate over to more cohesive and collaborative workspace.

How Room Escapes Benefits Team Morale and Communication

Lectures and workshops, while educational, do not require the participants to interact with one another on a human level, and often, employee job titles and rank interfere with the process of developing trust and effective relationships. Communication games for work are anything but boring, making it a unique alternative to a lecture.

In the room escape game, every encounter is unique, and if the participants are to have any hope of getting out of the room, they better leave all that stuffy boardroom protocol at the door! If a team wants to escape, they better talk it out together and do so, fast.

Steps the Escape Room Takes to Boost Teamwork

The barrier that can exist between management and employees erodes in moments when the team has a clear goal, outside of the usual context, with everyone working together for the team to successfully escape their confinement.

Escape room games teach participants how to listen. While this may seem simple, the benefits in business are immediate, since so often, teams hear each other, without actually listening to what is being said.

Each Individual Gets a Voice in the Escape Room

Everyone’s input is important in the escape room game and the attention shifts from convincing others to creating a trusting team. Escape room also sharpens team performance under pressure, as events are timed and simulated to create high stakes situations, that will make future deadlines and projects seem like a breeze.

Effective teams are based on high-quality relationships as much as on skills or training, and escape room game is perfect for transforming a room full of coworkers into a tight-knit group of friends and colleagues; a true team effort.

Why choose Escape The Room

All in all, you can take your team in two different directions. The first is to a boring workshop or team meeting in a dreary meeting space, to go over the steps that need to be taken in order to boost communication and morale. This option is great for the short term, but in the long run, you are going to want something more.

The second option is to provide a fun, fast-paced, exciting exercise for your teammates, co-workers, and employees, to partake in a brain flexing activity that isn’t in the office, that isn’t boring, and that will be a lot of fun to talk about for weeks and months to come.

For your next corporate event or team building exercise, call us, and reserve a room. If you need more inspiration, check out our blogs and articles for more information, and start planning your next event!