7 Safe and Exciting Team Building Events in Dallas-Fort Worth

  • 7 Safe and Exciting Team Building Events in Dallas-Fort Worth

Building a cohesive team is extremely important to employee morale now that COVID-19 has everyone working from home. Despite limited options for in-person events, there are still plenty of great options for safe and exciting team building events in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Thrill-seekers can explore Trinity Forest Adventure Park to navigate wobbly bridges, tight ropes, nets, zip lines, rope ladders and more that require leadership skills and team effort. Adventure paths have various levels of difficulty for all skill levels. They offer custom team building packages with a BBQ lunch.

Escape the Room

Ready for the fastest 60 minutes of your life? Escape the Room is an exciting challenge for corporate teams to overcome through problem solving and collaboration. You’ll have to find all the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape in under 60 minutes. Between the Dallas and Fort Worth locations, Escape the Room has nine different themed escape rooms to choose from.

Cycle Parties

A cycle party is a great way to get exercise and fresh air while participating in a fun group activity. Dallas Party Bike runs bike tours in downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum, and Cowtown Cycle Party runs bike tours in downtown Fort Worth and Near Southside, stopping anywhere you like, though the pub crawls are the most popular.

GatSplat Paintball

GatSplat Paintball offers companies a great way to reward their employees and work on team building and collaboration at the same time. Communication and working as a team is crucial to your success on the paintball field, and painball is something everyone can participate in.

Mario Andretti Racing Experience

The Mario Andretti Racing Experience offers incredible racing events for companies of all sizes, with professional driving instructors and safe experiences. You’ll drive full-size, Indy-style race cars without lead cars, and passing is allowed. And the more time you spend in the race car, the faster you’ll be able to go!

Fort Worth Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? The Fort Worth Zoo has unique team building activities for any company, including animal encounters, picnic lunches, scavenger hunts, trivia about your company to receive items to use with animals, and much more.

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