Escape Room Themes Make Your Game Exciting

  • Escape Room Themes Make Your Game Exciting

Escape rooms are a lot of fun, not only for the variety of puzzles you solve, but for the intricate theming involved in every room that brings the game to life. Fully immersive environments bring an escape room to life and make your 60 minutes of clue hunting even more exciting. Before you book an escape room for your group, make sure you see what themed rooms are available at your location:

Spy Intrigue

Want to recreate the excitement of a 007 film? An escape room with a secret agent theme is perfect for clue seekers looking for a thrilling espionage caper. Escape the Room’s “The Agency” recruits players for a mission into a secret agent’s hideout.

Exploration Adventure

If Indiana Jones movies are your thing, look for an escape room with an archeological adventure, exploring caverns, ancient temples, and lost tombs. It’s a popular theme for a good reason. You won’t want to miss Escape the Room’s “The Dig”, which sends explorers into the depths of earth in search of artifacts and to find a way back to the surface.

Science Mystery

Everyone loves a good science-based mystery, especially when there’s a lot at stake, like saving the world. Add some danger and excitement, and you’ve got a thrilling movie like Jurassic Park or Contagion. Escape the Room’s “Outbreak” has players saving the world from an evil scientist’s plot to poison the water supply. “Meltdown” has a team working stop a nuclear meltdown at a power plant. And “Jurassic Escape” has your team protecting the city from dinosaurs bred by an evil corporation!

Time-Based Themes

Time travel is always a popular trope in science-fiction, and can make for an supremely entertaining escape room. Escape the Room’s “Western Bank Heist” puts you in the old west, attempting to rob a bank and escape with the money. “The Rec Room” takes you out of time and drops you into the eighties, in a room loaded with lots of fun games you might remember from the past. There’s even an escape room where you tinker with time itself! “The Clock Tower” has you helping the stranded timekeeper fix the timestream and save the world.

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