Engage Your Employees with Escape the Room Games
  If you work in an office, have a team, or manage employees, there comes a point where morale is wavering, teamwork is falling flat, or perhaps production just isn’t where it should be. There is a myriad of reasons WHY this happens, but instead, wouldn’t it be more productive to focus on a solution to get back to optimum performance and collaboration as a team at work? Ultimately, if you have asked yourself how
How to Raise Employee Morale
No matter how effective, enthusiastic, and dynamic your office is, every team can benefit from higher employee morale. When it comes to morale-boosting games, run of the mill ideas like an employee potluck or a happy hour at the local watering hole can be hit or miss, since often they can just feel like an extension of office politics, without the opportunity for employees to get to know one another on a more intimate basis
The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes
Escape room simulations are high-pressure scenarios, and unless everyone is willing to think outside of the box and listen to one another, things can quickly descend into absolute chaos. If you are with a group that works well together, or not, you will experience the high highs and low lows of Escape the Room, at the drop of a hat. Once derailed by this type of confusion, any possibility of achieving a high score, or
How to Improve Team Collaboration with Escape the Room Games
In the business world, teams can often get hung up on mental snags, unproductive ideas such as “that’s not my job” or “not my department”. There can be office drama, gossip, and passive-aggressive behavior that doesn’t do anyone any good, especially the team! Colleagues and team members, over time, or simply due to a clash of personalities, can develop hurt feelings, and behavior that is not effective in achieving team goals, workplace harmony, and harbor
communication skills games
There is no denying that good communication skills are at a premium in the business world, with high demand for clear communicators in every industry. This demand has led to countless workshops and lectures, all claiming to improve communication skills among employees, and between management and the workforce. However, no workshop can claim, among its benefits, that everyone engaging in it is guaranteed to have fun or get to know one another better, all while