Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve
Have you ever wondered what kind of skills your brain receives when deep in critical thought? Have you considered what your brain is capable of when it is time to make a decision, especially under pressure? Escape games improve and flex your brain muscles in more ways than one. Not only do you experience an influx of creative thinking that is outside the box, but you are also practicing skills in working together as a
escape the room birthday party
Birthday celebrations are costly—let’s just put that out there. Children’s parties can quickly turn into logistical nightmares, strapped by tight budgets, and adult celebrations often run into scheduling conflicts. In fact, it’s probably true that birthday parties cause just as much stress as they do fun. Why not break away from conventional celebrations for a year and try something new? Escape The Room, a hyper-realistic, interactive puzzle, is a fun and engaging experience that will
The holiday season is upon us, and that means a lot of eating and some much-needed time off work. Not so fast! Before you can run home to your loved ones, you’ll likely have to endure a holiday gathering at work. And let’s be honest—not all holiday parties are created equal. Some companies take the holiday season very seriously and pull out all the stops for an epic party. Other companies, however, feel comfortable scraping
Escape Room Good Idea for Date Night
Escape The Room is the game that’s sweeping the nation. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And most importantly, it’s a cerebral experience that involves players of all ages and skillsets. Escape rooms transport players to different worlds of make-believe. Each room is centered around a specific theme, and participants are encouraged to assume different characters to enhance the experience. Every escape room, no matter what the theme, has one simple objective: beat the clock. With just
Let’s face it, date night has gotten a little boring. Movies and dinners are great, but they lack pizazz. What dating needs, is a makeover. Whether it’s a first date or a weekly ritual for long-term couples, date night should breathe air into the relationship. And what better way to do that than to lock yourself in an escape room with your partner? The popularity of escape rooms is largely based on teamwork. Oftentimes, companies