If you are looking for a better than average weekday or weekend event, look no further! Escape the Room is a mind-bending, fast-paced, real-time game, where a team of individuals take a crack at solving a puzzle that becomes more and more challenging as time progresses. Escape The Room is an out of the box, exciting event that men and women enjoy throughout the year.

Whether you are creating a social event with friends, celebrating a birthday or retirement, or building comradery with a team within your company or management group, Escape The Room is for everyone!

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is an adventure series that was designed and developed by designers, theme park engineers, creatives, and puzzle designers, who create in room puzzles for groups to solve. These puzzles range from finding hidden objects to using a given object in an unconventional way.

Each puzzle is different, and each puzzle will be solved at various rates depending on how well you and the team work together.

How does it work?

Each escape game is unique, but what stands the same is the time you will have to solve the puzzle and the end goal, which is to escape the room! As well as having a similar end result, each room has it’s own theme and storyline to truly immerse your group into a wonderful experience.

You might start in a nuclear power plant, dinosaur paddock, puppet theater, or dig site, and you must solve the puzzle using the resources you have. Are you cracking codes in a spy agency or solving a puzzle inside of a submarine? Maybe you are simply escaping a time warp with your group. Whatever your puzzle theme is, you have 60-minutes to break out and grab the glory of a win!

Who plays Escape Games?

Anyone with an interest in a fun, fast-paced social gathering or team building exercise can play the game, and play it well! Escape The Room is great for all ages, all skill sets, and all levels of puzzle solving expertise. Beginners are just as welcome as repeat customers! The best part is that the game, puzzle, and theme is constantly changing, and you will never have the same experience twice!

Don’t wait any longer to book your next event, date night, or social gathering at your local Escape The Room. We know you will have an exciting, fun-filled evening that you’ll never forget. Call us today, pick a location, book a room and start the party or event planning.

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“This was my first experience with this form of entertainment. I really enjoyed this. I will most definitely be planning my next escape room night SOON.”

Michael Baker

“Escape the Room is an essential escape game experience. The interactions feel magical, the puzzles are real brain twisters, and the set dressing is simply astonishing.”

Jeff Kowalski

“My work took our teachers here for our Teacher In-Service training on building leadership and all three of our teams had a blast. Only one team passed, but the other two tried their hardest. I would highly recommend this for team building exercises and just for fun. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

Tammy Calloway

“This was our first time and my friends and I really enjoyed our visit today. Awesome room with great clues! The girl there was super friendly! We will definitely be going back again! Totally worth the price and drive! Thank you Escape The Room for an hour of interesting fun!”

Summer Smith

“Escape the Room was a lot of fun. The staff were incredibly nice and the escape room was awesome and well put together. I really felt like I was actually trying to solve a mystery. Alas, my group did not end up beating the puzzle, but we were very close. I enjoyed how there were multiple rooms in the escape room. I would do it again. I am curious to see what the other rooms look like..”

Autumn McDowell
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