What Determines a Quality Escape Room?

  • What Determines a Quality Escape Room? - What Determines a Quality Escape Room?

Escape room games have become extremely popular around the world, and with their increased popularity has come a wide variety of new escape rooms.

While people have so many more opportunities to try new escape rooms, it is also easier than ever to get ripped off. How can you tell whether you’re about to experience a high-production escape room or a low-budget copout? With the line between a high-end and low-end escape room becoming so fuzzy, we want to provide you with some signs that indicate you are getting the real deal!

Helpful Clue Masters

Good clue masters are a major key to high quality escape rooms. Clue masters should not be solving clues for you, but they should also not be leaving your team stranded when you need that extra push. A good clue master will help put your team on the right path when you are straying from the objective without telling you exactly what you need to do. There is a thin line between being too helpful and not helpful enough.

Themes, Themes, Themes

Every escape game needs a theme. Otherwise, how do you know what the goal is or why you’re even playing to begin with (other than having fun, of course)? The most enjoyable aspect of an escape room is the feeling that you are immersing yourself in an alternate reality. Having a room theme helps you become a part of the story and act out your very own real-life movie. A high-quality escape room understands this and will come up with fun and intriguing themes to give you the best experience possible.

In addition to having a theme, great escape rooms will provide multiple room themes at their locations. Every Escape the Room location has at least 3 themes to choose from, and usually more depending on your location. Whether you are landing on the moon or robbing a bank, there is a theme for any mood!

Functional Games and Clues

This one should be pretty straightforward – If the clues at your escape game don’t work or don’t make sense, this is a definite red flag. In addition, clues should not be so complex and difficult that you are doing complex equations or having to randomly guess your answers. The entire functionality of an escape room is based on a sequence of clues to solve – how can you make your escape if you can’t solve the clues?

Next time you think about purchasing tickets to an escape room, take these factors into mind. If ever in doubt, you can always rely on Escape the Room to provide the most professional experience possible.

Happy Escaping!

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