The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

Escape room simulations are high-pressure scenarios, and unless everyone is willing to think outside of the box and listen to one another, things can quickly descend into absolute chaos. If you are with a group that works well together, or not, you will experience the high highs and low lows of Escape the Room, at the drop of a hat.

Once derailed by this type of confusion, any possibility of achieving a high score, or breaking records, flies out
the window, and for anyone with a serious intention of having an excellent escape room experience, the following
provides a list of the most common escape room mistakes to avoid.

  1. Keeping all the good ideas to yourself
    In the escape room, information is as valuable as the time remaining on the clock. Patterns, numbers, intuitive
    leaps of reasoning that you cannot fully explain, any of these might be the key to solving the puzzles that are
    keeping the team trapped and helpless. Hoarding information or insisting that you can figure out a puzzle all
    alone will not serve in the escape room.
  2. Losing your cool
    An escape your escapade is no time to get into a shouting match or an argument, however, it happens frequently, to
    the detriment of the entire team. Between the theatrics of the escape room scenario, and the ticking time clock,
    adrenaline surges, but keeping your cool is an invaluable advantage.
  3. A team too large or too small
    There is such a thing as having too many players on your team, and there is also certainly the possibility of
    bringing too few. A shortage of players means that all the puzzles will quickly overwhelm your squad, while too
    many players may step on each other’s toes, and waste time arguing instead of solving one puzzle after another.Six
    people can break up into smaller groups to tackle challenges, but also provides enough manpower for bigger
    obstacles to be overcome.
  4. Ignoring information
    The “boring” stuff at the beginning of the event, with all the safety and rules and stuff? Pay close attention,
    because it’s chock-full of clues, information, and tips for how to maximize the amount of time in the game. The
    minutes spent going over that information are minutes that you can save in the room.
  5. Getting stuck at the beginning
    If you can’t solve a puzzle, MOVE ON. Just because a compelling puzzle presents itself immediately in the escape
    room, does not mean that it is a high priority, or even something that can be solved until a later piece of
    information is unlocked.
  6. Giving up too soon
    Nothing is worse than an Escape the Room player who gives up right away. So, when you are feeling stuck, don’t
    think you have the answer, or simply have a moment where you have no idea how you will solve the puzzle, remember,
    you are not alone!
  7. Not taking the puzzle seriously
    Of course, the game is meant to be fun, but if you save all your good advice and effort for the end, you’ll be
    surely sad at the very end. Right out the gates, bring it and have fun!

For more advice on Escape The Room, or to book your next date night, party, corporate event, or celebration, call us and reserve your room, today!

What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game

What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game

What Should I Know Before Playing Escape Game


Escape game is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who want to be light-hearted. This game is amusing, intense, it is a clever mix of both strategy and teamwork, and can be exactly as fun as you make it. Whether you go for fun with your friends or make it into a teamwork exercise for the employees, an escape game is really for anyone who likes to have a good time.

If you want to know exactly how to play an escape game, and the bottom line tips and tricks, here are some facts you should go through before signing up for a game. This article isn’t meant to spoil the fun of what actually goes on inside the escape room, but rather give insight into what you can do, in order to optimize your experience.

What should I know before playing escape game?

  • Familiarize yourself with the concept – An escape room is a game played with a group. The foundation is you and a group of friends, co-workers, strangers, or family are locked in a room and given a specific puzzle to figure out before you are “allowed” to leave. Each game has a 60-minute timer you are given to figure out the puzzles. You are also given clues to guide you in figuring out the answers that will get you out before your timer hits zero.


  • The game can be a challenge – There are no easy corners to cut in the escape room, but we promise it is a fun and challenging experience. The great news is you are in a group where multiple people have multiple skills, and you are able to use each person’s strengths to leverage a WIN.


  • Make sure you have a great group – Escape room is all about your group. Do you have a fun group or a group that is boring? You will want to be in a game where you like, or tolerate, the people involved. A great group will make the experience that much better.


  • The solution is one-part street smarts, one-part book smarts – This goes back to your group and who you are playing with. Not everyone needs to be a super genius, yet you do have to have someone who is slightly book smart (i.e. a critical thinker) and someone who is street smart.


  • You can go with a theme – Make your evening fun and enroll your group into going to the escape room with a theme. You can be escaped convicts, Disney princesses, Great Gatsby flappers, or mad scientists, it is truly up to you.  A great way to figure out how to dress it up is to match the theme of the escape room you choose to play!


  • It’s not a trick! There is a solution! No, this isn’t some sick joke… you will want to find a solution, because there is one. And, it’s probably right under your nose. Sometimes when you think outside the box a little, the solution was there all along.


  • You will have 60-minutes, but you might solve it in less time – The game does give you 60 minutes to solve the puzzle, but many groups solve it in less time. If you feel like you are the only group that has taken all the time to solve the puzzle, you’re sorely mistaken! If you think your group is the only one in the history of time NOT to solve the puzzle, you’d also be wrong.


  • You should be having fun! This isn’t some crazy, insane game where you will win a million dollars at the end, so have fun and enjoy your company! Not every group solves the puzzle, but it is, of course, encouraged to have lots of fun along the way. This is how the game was designed!


Whether you are looking to book an escape room date for team building or a social event, you will enjoy the fun-filled, mind-bending, action-packed evening with people you know and love, while flexing those brain muscles. For more information, call us or read other articles to learn everything you need to know about an Escape the Room adventure.

How to Pick the Perfect Escape Room Team

Escape Room Good Idea for Date Night

escape room team

Escape The Room is the game that’s sweeping the nation. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And most importantly, it’s a cerebral experience that involves players of all ages and skillsets. Escape rooms transport players to different worlds of make-believe. Each room is centered around a specific theme, and participants are encouraged to assume different characters to enhance the experience. Every escape room, no matter what the theme, has one simple objective: beat the clock. With just sixty minutes to outwit the game, players must work together to unlock the room’s mysteries and solve the puzzles. It’s a mission, and you’ll need the best escape room team to win.

We’ve assembled a roster below. Now, it’s your turn to recruit your family and friends…


Every group needs a leader. And if you’re the one organizing the event, the leader is likely you. As the leader, you will bring order to your group. You will facilitate the conversation, and you will direct your teammates as they carry out their duties. It’s important that you are purposeful in your communication. But remember, this is a game. The best leaders are non-judgmental supervisors. They support the team, and they always know when and where to lend a hand.


The hunter is responsible for sniffing out clues. Once the clock has started, the hunter sets off, searching every nook and cranny for leads. When the hunter finds a clue, they likely hand it off to the leader or designated puzzle master. The hunter is a vital part of the group. Find your friend with an inquisitive nature—one who loves to explore. They will relish the opportunity to be the investigator of the group.


This is the best group member, by far. They might not be searching for clues or solving puzzles, but they are there to applaud everyone’s efforts. The support is like a cheerleader. When the group is having a hard time finding clues, the support jumps in with words of encouragement. Each escape room team will benefit from a supportive friend who knows how to maintain a good spirit and keep everyone energized.


This is your math friend. Or maybe, this is your book friend. In any case, this is the participant who tends to over-analyze everything. They will inevitably become one of your puzzle masters. The analyst comes in handy with especially vexing clues. Let your analyst sit down with a puzzle and think it through. Their thought process may seem overzealous, but their conclusions may surprise you.



This is your street-smart friend. They are the opposite of the analyst. They never over-think anything—they just call it as they see it. The unassuming genius is great for solving clues quickly, and without the headache of overcomplicated critique. Explore how you can couple or divide the efforts of your two puzzle masters.


Every room can benefit from having a goon. So, find your silly friend who can keep everyone laughing and entertained. The goon often mirrors the efforts of your support teammate. Together, they offer some relief from the clock’s pressure. They may even try to help solve a puzzle or find a clue. Though not vital, the goon is a great addition to any team.


There’s always going to be that one player who enjoys organizing the information. If you have a friend that likes bring order to chaos, recruit them to be your organizer. In this role, your friend will delight in the opportunity to categorize clues. They will bring a system to the game that will clear the way for better thinking and faster solving.

So, if you see yourself as a team leader, make that first step and contact Escape the Room today!

Is There a Dress Code for Room Escape Games?

what to wear to escape room

At Escape the Room in Phoenix, our escape room dress code is whatever makes you feel like the room-escaping-detective we know you are.

Seriously, just about anything goes. That said, we know it can be difficult to decide on what to wear, so we’ve compiled minders for choosing an outfit and a few examples of what we most typically see.

Tips on What to Wear to Escape Room

Comfy shoes

Given that you will be walking around, climbing to peer into new potential pieces of evidence and bending through obstacles to get your next clue, comfortable feet are essential. Wear a shoe that you are cozy walking around in, which for most people include a soft shape, buoyant sole and no heel. If you are planning to come straight from work where you wear heels, throw a pair of slips or flip flops into your bag to put on – you will be thanking yourself.


Dress for the AC

Assuming you’re used to air conditioning, the temperature at Escape the Room should feel no different from your last location or your car. But you know how AC rooms feel during the summer (like winter) and during winter (like summer), so dress accordingly to how your body feels best in air conditioning.


Dress for movement

Escape the Room is a much more active clue-gathering experience than say.. playing Clue with friends on Saturday night in 1998. Avoid wearing short dresses; clothes that are so tight they constrict you; loud, jingly jewelry; and long, bohemian hair-dos (pin it up for the game and let it shine afterward) so that nothing gets in your way of escaping the room.


Comfort first

This might already be your dressing motto, but if it’s not, we invite you to adopt it for your visit to Escape the Room. While you can wear just about anything your heart desires on the day of your event, our spaces are totally welcoming of comfy cotton and supportive of whatever outfit is going to give you the confidence to get out of the room.


Here are some of the most common outfits worn to Escape the Room:

Work uniform

Team power is smack dab in everyone’s face when you pull the team out of the office and place them in another setting dressed in uniform. If you are playing as a team, it might actually give your group a boost of morale to come dressed in your work attire.


Workout apparel

Workout apparel can make some of the best attire for Escape the Room. Fitness wear has form fitting garments that can afford you the agility, flexibility and comfort you need as you bend, crawl and reach into tight spaces for escape clues.


All out costume

There’s no reason to not take dressing for an escape room to an entertainment level. Have fun and go all out for your Escape the Room theme, dressing in costume and completely prepared to solve your way out of the room. Feel like embodying Sherlock or professional spy? Why not! Is there another, more appropriate excuse to dress in a trench with a spyglass monocle?


Is there anything I should not wear?

Some items are regretfully best left at home, including bulky accessories or uniform gear. For example, if you are coming for a work event straight from an excavation site, it’s better to leave your hard hat behind.  


What’s one thing I cannot forget?

Your reading glasses! If you need glasses to read, you want glasses to search for clues and read findings aloud to your team as you make your way out of the escape room. This advice goes for regular, vision-correcting eyeglasses, too!

If you have any questions on how to dress for Escape the Room or any concerns on what to expect, reach out to our incredible team at Escape the Room in Phoenix!