What is an Escape Room

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Have you found yourself in a rut when it comes to planning nights out or social gatherings with your friends and loved ones? Are you a business owner looking to motivate your team to achieve bigger goals or work more effectively together in a workspace? Sure, you could schedule a dinner and a movie date or create a powerpoint presentation detailing all the benefits of teamwork, but what about something new?

Escape the Room is a fast-paced, exciting experience for just about everybody. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Escape the Room, you might be wondering, “What is an Escape Room experience?”

Read on and find out why so many Americans are choosing into this experience instead of sitting at home watching Netflix and ordering in pizza. 

What is an escape game?

What is an escape game? This is a question at the forefront of the minds of people who have heard about Escape the Room through friends and family members who have experienced the game, and others from magazine articles and advertisements for the experience. 

An escape room is a 60-minute experience for groups of people where the goal is to leave or escape the locked room by solving a series of clues, riddles, puzzles, and mind-bending challenges. Each segment of the game builds on the other, and it is critical to work together as a team to escape the room in time. 

While you are able to move freely throughout a room, the excitement is in solving a problem before your time runs out. Participants feel an instant bond and connection to one another in a shared experience that is not only exciting but fun, too!

Who can play an escape the room game?

Typically, an Escape the Room experience is perfect for everyone over the age of 12 years old. Of course, every facility is different, so if you are wondering if your child under 12 can participate, call the Escape the Room facility and see if your child is able to join the experience. Whether you’ve asked yourself, “Escape Room, what is it?” or have played before, you will quickly find out that the group is important, and working together inside the group is critical. 

It is encouraged to participate in an Escape the Room day or night out with someone you know, but if you seek the thrill of participating solo, you’re more than welcome to do so. For all others, couples, friend groups, bachelorette and bachelor parties, corporate events, family reunions and more have graced the rooms of Escape the Room and had a blast doing so. 

Escape the Room offers an experiential learning experience for business owners who are looking for new and exciting ways to motivate coworkers, team members, and employees. An Escape the Room experience allows for the business owner to take a look inside their team, see who performs well in leadership, and encourage having fun with their coworkers creating fun memories within the team. 

Whether you are looking for a creative date night or the perfect reason to get the entire family together and do something other than watch a football game, give us a call. At Escape the Room we encourage you to bring friends and family to the Escape the Room experience and create new memories together that will follow you for the rest of your life. 

Give us a call with any questions, comments, or to book your next Escape the Room experience. We are excited to hear from you!

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