Escape the Room in Real Life vs Video Game

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Video games are one of the most popular recreational pastimes for teenagers, young adults, and adults themselves. In recent years, we have experienced a boom in the video game industry with features like live, where you can chat with a stranger across the world playing the same game or rally friends to share the experience. 

Games today are also extremely realistic in the visuals that are created from video game companies and creative designers. Most even have very deeply involved plots with a hero or heroine fighting to survive or fighting with allies to finish a task or goal. Truly, it is like playing and watching your very own screenplay.

But, what about living a video game outside of the screen? Is it possible to have a similar experience you would gaming with activity in reality? Check out our break down on the escape room video game as it is experienced by the players.

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is a 60-minute shared experience with a group or with individuals. The experience is simple; you and a group will solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and solve clues in order to escape the room you are held within or under the 60-minute time frame. 

Puzzles range in their difficulty from beginner to expert, and you will be able to choose which route you wish to take. It is fast-paced, full of fun, and an exhilarating experience from start to finish. The lines between video games vs real life can be blurred, but there are significant similarities we will cover below. 

How does Escape The Room compare to a video game?

Escape The Room is a physical experience where you and a group are taken through an experience step by step, where the segments build on one another in order to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is to escape the room. The actual process of the physical Escape The Room was designed after the PC or mobile experience. 

There are key similarities we will discuss below and compare to the experience of being both in an escape room game situation that is important for both understanding the nature of Escape The Room and how video game lovers will enjoy the event. 

Understanding your surroundings 

When you play a video game and when you play in an Escape The Room scenario, you will be encouraged to know and understand your surroundings. While you are physically in a room, you will have to know and understand who you are, what you are playing, where you need to go, and what your objective is. This is also the goal of video games. 

Solving challenges is the key

In order to have a video game timeline or an Escape The Room experience, you will need to have a challenge that needs to be solved. Ultimately the goal of Escape The Room is to solve each puzzle that builds upon itself in order to finish in under 60 minutes. 

Problem-solving is the name of the game

Up for the challenge? You will need to problem solve both in an Escape The Room scenario and in a video game. Some video games, like Escape The Room, challenge the player to pick up clues or objects along the way to solve the puzzle, and it is the same in our escape room games. You will be given a series of challenges in order to get to the ultimate goal. 

The ultimate benefit of playing Escape The Room is to have a mini adventure, just like it would feel in a video game. The challenges, problem-solving, understanding your surroundings, and immersing yourself in an experience is a real-life playground you can book today!

Feel free to reach out to our online assistance and book your Escape The Room date night, girls night out, team building experience, or bachelor/bachelorette party!

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