How do Escape Rooms Work?

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What are escape rooms and how do escape rooms work? This is a very common question for individuals who haven’t attended an Escape The Room event but are desperately curious. Co-workers, teams, families, friends, and couples have enjoyed Escape The Room more and more over the years, and it shows!

Now more than ever, escape rooms have popped up in cities across the country as a destination to go and experience a new, and different activity. If you haven’t experienced an escape room and have asked, “what is an escape room,” this article will answer all your questions.

What is an Escape Room?

For those who seek adventure, thrills, and a fun time, Escape The Room offers a once-in-a-lifetime activity to enjoy with those you love the most. At its core, Escape The Room is a 60-minute activity where you and a team are locked in a room with only one way out: solving the puzzles in front of you!

The room is a series of puzzles, riddles, clues, and games that work in a series of events, where once one puzzle is solved, the other presents itself. Escape the Room ranges from easy to intermediate and all the way up to expert level. Likewise, each puzzle progressively gets harder and harder as each section is solved.

What does the room look like?

Each room is entered with a group. You could come solo, but it is even more fun to bring friends, family, or meet new friends on a date night! Each person will work together as a team in order to facilitate the process because, remember, the goal is to finish the entire game within 60 minutes! Not everyone will finish in the allotted time while others will finish with loads of time to spare. It all depends on how hard you work together to achieve the desired end result.

The rooms are all different and offer unique experiences for each player. Those who are new to the escape the room experience are encouraged to start out in one of the lower levels, while others are able to jump at an intermediate level. You may move a lot around a room or you may remain relatively stationary.

Who plays Escape Room?

Anyone can play Escape The Room! From couples looking to spice up a date night to entire teams of individuals who are looking for a team building experience. Other groups like bachelor and bachelorette parties enjoy coming and joining in the fun as well.  There is no limit to who can come and play an Escape The Room game.

Escape The Room is also great for meeting new friends! Enjoy the company of someone new without getting bored or too overwhelmed.

What do you need to play an escape the room game?

To play an escape the room game you need the following:

  • Teamwork
    Working together will undoubtedly create a game that is easier to play and is able to move on faster. Beat the clock by taking turns in leadership and cooperate with one another.
  • A sense of fun
    What is better than an experience that is full of fun? You will be able to solve puzzles, work together, and create a fun experience along the way.
  • A great group of people to work with
    Whether you are coming with a team from work or simply participating in an escape the room experience with the one you love, you are able to bond, communicate, and experience a fantastic evening out together. Without a doubt, you will leave the room with some killer stories to tell for years to come.

We cordially invite you to book a night for an escape the room adventure with your partner, friends, or family. Enjoy an out of the box evening where fun is the menu and a fast-paced game is what you will get yourself into. Call us today and reserve your escape the room evening.

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