Common Escape Room Fears

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Escape room games are becoming more and more popular in the United States with couples, families, and teams from work coming together to experience a fun, exciting, fast-paced experience. Escape The Room is safe, but there are concerns with how to handle issues like claustrophobia in an escape room or escape games fear-based concerns that do come up from time to time.

Despite the fears, there are ways and mechanisms to avoid harmful or frightening experiences that can occur at Escape The Room. This article aims to quell any fears, talk about possible solutions to problems, and answer the question, “are escape rooms scary?”

What is an escape room game?

Escape The Room is a 60-minute game where a group of people come together to play a game where each task builds on the other. For example, there will be a set or series of word puzzles, riddles, rhymes, or clues that will eventually lead to the release out of the room for yourself and your team.

As your group solves each segment, there the problems build on one another and become increasingly more difficult. Despite the difficulty, Escape The Room is appropriate for both adults and teenagers who are seeking a different weekday or weekend experience.

Are Escape Rooms Scary?

There are movies and TV shows like The Escape Room Movie and Saw/Jigsaw where the villain traps his subjects against their will and forcibly tries to make them escape a particular room or situation in order to live. Our escape rooms couldn’t be further from these films! Escape games fears often grow from these fictional movies that are not based on any kind of reality.

In your escape room experience, you will find that even though the room is “locked,” it isn’t actually locked. If at any time you experience claustrophobia in an escape room game, you are able to leave as soon as you let an employee know. We are not interested in scaring our customers, rather, escape the room game is an experience in the mind and solving puzzles, not creating situations that bring out fear.

Here are six common fears that we have debunked in case you have hesitation on what to expect in your Escape The Room experience:

  • Claustrophobia in escape room game
    Our escape rooms are not equipped to make you squeeze and crawl through an obstacle course. Rather, we provide our customers with experiences that are safe and designed to keep your comfort at the forefront of our minds. We have built out rooms to be open and spacious, but of course, at any time, if you are feeling unsafe, you are free to leave the room.
  • Handcuffs and restraints
    You will never be restrained or handcuffed in an Escape The Room situation. Your mind and communication skills will be tested, but at no time will anyone against your will or even at your request restrain you from participating.
  • Locked in
    The escape room game is a safe, fun facility where safety is our first priority. If the door is locked, there will always be an emergency button, safety key or way to communicate with our employees if you are feeling sick or uncomfortable.
  • Unwarranted touching
    At no time will our actors or employees touch, hold or restrain you from your Escape The Room experience. Your friends and family on the other hand, well, that is not in our control.
  • Escape rooms are too hard
    Escape The Room is a challenge, but there is plenty of fun to be had inside. We don’t cater to one specific group or intelligence level. Rather, we provide experiences where anyone and everyone is capable of participating on some level.
  • Afraid of failure
    People fail all the time! It is no big deal if your team doesn’t solve the puzzle in the allotted time. Lucky for you, it is possible to do another game whenever you choose!

For more information on Escape The Room or to book your next experience, give us a call. We are eager to help you have an amazing (and safe) experience.

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