How to Build a Dream Team of Employees with Escape The Room

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Teamwork makes the dream work, and a dream team will get a business soaring to new heights if the talent, cooperation, and hard work can match the needs of the company. Individually companies are strong, but the real bread and butter behind any good or great team is how effectively employees work together, and more importantly, how leadership works together, and with employees as well.

In order to figure out how to build a team at work that will be able to manage your needs, it is important to become perfectly clear on what you want out of your business. Do you want to create more revenue? Expand your services? Come up with a new product? Service a new area?

Once you have envisioned your perfect end result, it is time to bring in the dream team to help create a masterpiece for each other and for the business as a whole. After all, if the team doesn’t value or believe in the dream, how motivated will they be to do it for you?

Seminars and workshops are a great place to improve employee morale and get goals set in stone, but Escape The Room is more than just a seminar, presentation, or workshop. This article will describe more behind the idea of how building a dream team starts at Escape The Room.

The importance of team building in Escape The Room

If you’ve never been to Escape The Room, you will be pleasantly surprised to find just how exciting it is! There is one objective your dream team will experience — how to escape in under 60-minutes! With each puzzle solved, another arises that will force the team to quickly adapt to new circumstances, work together as a team, take leadership roles, and use critical and creative thinking to solve the puzzle and move on.

In addition to playing a game, as a leader of the team or business owner, you will be able to take a look into how your employees act individually and as a group. While someone has better analytical skills in the office, you might see more creative thinking when time-sensitive projects are on the line.

The quiet employee might have an opportunity to finally speak up and adapt into a role of leadership if their skillset is showcased in one of the puzzles, while the boisterous leader will have to take a step back and watch from the sidelines. True to the game, you will be able to see exactly how your dream team will unfold right before your eyes.

How to book an Escape The Room experience

If you have decided to build your dream team within Escape The Room, you have already made an important step into securing the successful future of your employees and your company. Each room has a theme, so you will be able to choose where your team will go and which puzzle they will solve.

Call one of our friendly customer service representatives for more information on experiences we offer for teams, and how you can get into your next team building exercise quickly!

Have fun and experience more than a presentation in Escape The Room! We look forward to seeing you!

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