Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve

  • Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve

Have you ever wondered what kind of skills your brain receives when deep in critical thought? Have you considered what your brain is capable of when it is time to make a decision, especially under pressure?

Escape games improve and flex your brain muscles in more ways than one. Not only do you experience an influx of creative thinking that is outside the box, but you are also practicing skills in working together as a team, dispersing leadership, solution-oriented thinking, and so much more.

There is a reason why so many Americans love Escape The Room games! We have compiled an article on some of the best and most effective ways your brain improves as an effect of escape room skills.

Read on to find out just what you’re flexing when you’re escaping the room.

Working out the brain skills

It isn’t every day you find yourself trapped in a room with limited resources in order to find the best way to escape. At least, we hope not.

What you are doing to your brain while in an escape room is teaching it a new skill that is different and abnormal than just another walk down the street to get the mail. Your brain is essentially getting a new kind of workout because you are teaching it a new experience to deal with. As those beautiful neural pathways are being created to serve your purpose of leaving the room, you are in turn exercising parts of your brain that might not get as much activity.

Puzzles and strategy games are two of many other great ways to exercise your brain and flex your cerebral muscles, but there is an added element of working with others that makes escape the room just a little more exciting than chess.

Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve - Skills That Room Escape Games Can Improve

Enhancing competition skills

We all have competitive bones in our bodies, and at times our days can be so boring and normal that we don’t get competitive over fun activities. Escape room games have been created to give you that competitive rush once again and get you moving into a direction that is driving your result forward. The 60-minute timeline was put into place to allow the skill of competition to thrive, especially under pressure.

Critical thinking skills

Escape the room games take an incredible degree of patience and concentration. There is no room for bright shiny objects in a high-pressure situation like this. Instead, the participants must have a single focused goal.

Most Escape rooms have a linear timeline, and the participants can’t move forward until the previous task has been completed. This is done by thinking critically and taking steps that will lead to progression rather than wasting time.

Hone creative skills

Your critical thinking skills are being used and enhanced when you are finding creative solutions to solve a problem. Think of escaping the themed room as a giant puzzle with lots of different pathways to go down, but only one solution. There is a pattern that your brain must make in order to get creative with both your team and yourself to get the end result. And it does all of that while you’re having LOTS of fun.

Increase your ability to be aware of your surroundings

Awareness is the key in any game, and escape the room is no exception. At all times you must be aware of what is going on around you, how you are impacting or influencing a game, and what you need to do to reach the point of glory, i.e. escape. You are interacting with the game, or puzzle, while using the people around you to hone in on their skills so it benefits everyone in the long run.

You cannot go wrong at Escape the Room. Whether you are leading the pack or working as part of a team, participating in the escape the room game will help hone your mental skills and perfect your critical thinking craft altogether. Call us today to sign up for a couple or teambuilding night and experience the thrill of the great escape!

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