How to Pick the Perfect Escape Room Team

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Escape The Room is the game that’s sweeping the nation. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And most importantly, it’s a cerebral experience that involves players of all ages and skillsets. Escape rooms transport players to different worlds of make-believe. Each room is centered around a specific theme, and participants are encouraged to assume different characters to enhance the experience. Every escape room, no matter what the theme, has one simple objective: beat the clock. With just sixty minutes to outwit the game, players must work together to unlock the room’s mysteries and solve the puzzles. It’s a mission, and you’ll need the best escape room team to win.

We’ve assembled a roster below. Now, it’s your turn to recruit your family and friends…


Every group needs a leader. And if you’re the one organizing the event, the leader is likely you. As the leader, you will bring order to your group. You will facilitate the conversation, and you will direct your teammates as they carry out their duties. It’s important that you are purposeful in your communication. But remember, this is a game. The best leaders are non-judgmental supervisors. They support the team, and they always know when and where to lend a hand.


The hunter is responsible for sniffing out clues. Once the clock has started, the hunter sets off, searching every nook and cranny for leads. When the hunter finds a clue, they likely hand it off to the leader or designated puzzle master. The hunter is a vital part of the group. Find your friend with an inquisitive nature—one who loves to explore. They will relish the opportunity to be the investigator of the group.


This is the best group member, by far. They might not be searching for clues or solving puzzles, but they are there to applaud everyone’s efforts. The support is like a cheerleader. When the group is having a hard time finding clues, the support jumps in with words of encouragement. Each escape room team will benefit from a supportive friend who knows how to maintain a good spirit and keep everyone energized.


This is your math friend. Or maybe, this is your book friend. In any case, this is the participant who tends to over-analyze everything. They will inevitably become one of your puzzle masters. The analyst comes in handy with especially vexing clues. Let your analyst sit down with a puzzle and think it through. Their thought process may seem overzealous, but their conclusions may surprise you.

How to Pick the Perfect Escape Room Team - How to Pick the Perfect Escape Room Team


This is your street-smart friend. They are the opposite of the analyst. They never over-think anything—they just call it as they see it. The unassuming genius is great for solving clues quickly, and without the headache of overcomplicated critique. Explore how you can couple or divide the efforts of your two puzzle masters.


Every room can benefit from having a goon. So, find your silly friend who can keep everyone laughing and entertained. The goon often mirrors the efforts of your support teammate. Together, they offer some relief from the clock’s pressure. They may even try to help solve a puzzle or find a clue. Though not vital, the goon is a great addition to any team.


There’s always going to be that one player who enjoys organizing the information. If you have a friend that likes bring order to chaos, recruit them to be your organizer. In this role, your friend will delight in the opportunity to categorize clues. They will bring a system to the game that will clear the way for better thinking and faster solving.

So, if you see yourself as a team leader, make that first step and contact Escape the Room today!

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