Why Are Escape Rooms Great for Holiday Parties?

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The holiday season is upon us, and that means a lot of eating and some much-needed time off work. Not so fast! Before you can run home to your loved ones, you’ll likely have to endure a holiday gathering at work. And let’s be honest—not all holiday parties are created equal. Some companies take the holiday season very seriously and pull out all the stops for an epic party. Other companies, however, feel comfortable scraping by with a cookie decorating party and some awkward conversation. The whole point of a holiday party is to reward a company for its hard work. It’s supposed to be fun and carefree! So, why does it feel like a chore sometimes?

Instead of the typical gathering, consider an escape room for your next holiday party!

An escape room is an interactive, team game that unites players in pursuit of one goal: escape the room. As escape rooms have gained popularity across the U.S., they have also attracted the attention of large corporations, who use the rooms to test and develop team-building skills.

Escape rooms are highly experimental when it comes to teamwork, and plenty of managers have used the rooms to observe the strengths and weaknesses among team members. In a holiday setting, this is much less important, and staff is just there to enjoy themselves. However, communication is the key to success in any escape room. Even at a holiday party, managers can still benefit from observing their teams.Why Are Escape Rooms Great for Holiday Parties? - Why Are Escape Rooms Great for Holiday Parties?


The most successful escape room teams have diverse skills and abilities. If you’re a manager, select teams from different departments. You’ll want to find a potential leader for each team—someone who can humbly lead the process and facilitate conversation. You should also look for a problem-solver, an analyzer, a cheerleader, and an organizer. If you do not want to select teams for your staff, consider appointing captains who can pick their own teams. The resulting successes of your staff will surely lead to interesting and eye-opening conclusions.


There may be a subsection of your staff that doesn’t want to participate in the event. It can be difficult for some people to break away from tradition, and you may have a loyal following of team members who love the annual holiday party. You may also see reluctance from staff who simply do not want to engage in what they consider to be a poorly-veiled, team-building event. If this is the case, remind your team that Escape The Room simulations are only sixty minutes. They are highly interactive and fun, and the thrill of the challenge eliminates any potential for boredom.


Encourage your team to dress up for the event. Escape rooms are best played in comfortable clothes, but who says a Santa costume isn’t comfortable? Escape rooms already involve a level of role-playing, but your team might get a kick out of an added ugly sweater contest. Finding special ways to enhance the event will make it feel less like a team-building exercise and more like an exciting adventure.

It’s always risky to change things up, but an escape room holiday party may very well be the event to trump all other events. Your staff will likely appreciate the chance to try something new, or they will be pleasantly surprised they did, despite their reluctance. Always remember to book your event well in advance and prep your team on the upcoming game. No matter what the response, a holiday event of any kind is great for morale. Now, get your team pumped! It’s time for an adventure!

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