Tips to Win Room Escape Games

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Escape Rooms are not for the faint of heart. They require ambition, collaboration, determination and a clever, constantly tinkering mind. If you have an Escape the Room event coming up, brush up on the tips below for how to solve escape rooms, and impress your team with your knowledge and wit.

Tips on How to Win an Escape Room Challenge:

  • Listen to each other

Listening is the bigger part of communication, and communication is key in escaping the room. Silence not just your voice, but also your thinking while you actively listen to other group members share ideas or clues.

  • Listen to your host

Your host is here to provide you with the best possible experience, so you can almost always count on him or her slipping escape clues into the introduction. Listen closely to what they say without reading too deeply into any phrases. Keywords and clues will pop up as you uncover clues along the way.

  • Ignore some evidence tricks

You will confront clues in the room that seem like obvious stepping stones toward escapes – don’t be fooled! For the most part, power outlets, drop ceiling tiles and random numbers written on objects are meaningless. Investigate them briefly if you feel inclined, but don’t get hung up on these devices.

  • Wear a watch

Without your phone, you are left without concept of time inside the room. Wear a wristwatch so you can keep track of exactly how much time you have left to escape or how much time you are wasting on one potentially meaningless clue.

  • Play sober

Playing after a few cocktails are fun for about three minutes. Escaping takes real thinking and strategizing, so playing with a buzz can quickly become boring as you run repeatedly into dead ends.  

  • Pass the baton

Give everyone a chance to lead. If someone in the group is working off a hunch, pass the baton along and follow suit.

  • Ask for hints!

Not asking for a hint would be like not checking your credit score when determining a feasible budget for purchasing a new home. Hints are available in the Escape Room to help you get out, not to make you feel unworthy.

  • Yell when you find. Really, yell!

When you’re looking for clues on how to get out of an escape room and you find one, yell it loudly so that the whole group can hear you and congregate around the clue to determine the next step.

  • Ease up on the competition

Worry less about making it out first or quickly. In the long run, escaping the room is about building a team and learning more about working with one another.

  • Set a discard area

Any clues or objects that prove useless need to be discarded. Set a discard area early on and use it in every instance!

  • Stay organized

You will love yourself and your team if you stay organized from the beginning. Keys, objects, and clues all have their places – determine an organizational structure that works for the team and sticks to it.


Now that you are primed and ready to escape a room, bring your coworkers, friends or family to come and Escape Room in Phoenix!

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