Is There a Dress Code for Room Escape Games?

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At Escape Room in Phoenix, our escape room dress code is whatever makes you feel like the room-escaping-detective we know you are.

Seriously, just about anything goes. That said, we know it can be difficult to decide on what to wear, so we’ve compiled minders for choosing an outfit and a few examples of what we most typically see.

Tips on What to Wear to Escape Room

Comfy shoes

Given that you will be walking around, climbing to peer into new potential pieces of evidence and bending through obstacles to get your next clue, comfortable feet are essential. Wear a shoe that you are cozy walking around in, which for most people include a soft shape, buoyant sole and no heel. If you are planning to come straight from work where you wear heels, throw a pair of slips or flip flops into your bag to put on – you will be thanking yourself.


Dress for the AC

Assuming you’re used to air conditioning, the temperature at Escape the Room should feel no different from your last location or your car. But you know how AC rooms feel during the summer (like winter) and during winter (like summer), so dress accordingly to how your body feels best in air conditioning.


Dress for movement

Escape the Room is a much more active clue-gathering experience than say.. playing Clue with friends on Saturday night in 1998. Avoid wearing short dresses; clothes that are so tight they constrict you; loud, jingly jewelry; and long, bohemian hair-dos (pin it up for the game and let it shine afterward) so that nothing gets in your way of escaping the room.


Comfort first

This might already be your dressing motto, but if it’s not, we invite you to adopt it for your visit to Escape the Room. While you can wear just about anything your heart desires on the day of your event, our spaces are totally welcoming of comfy cotton and supportive of whatever outfit is going to give you the confidence to get out of the room.


Here are some of the most common outfits worn to Escape the Room:

Work uniform

Team power is smack dab in everyone’s face when you pull the team out of the office and place them in another setting dressed in uniform. If you are playing as a team, it might actually give your group a boost of morale to come dressed in your work attire.


Workout apparel

Workout apparel can make some of the best attire for Escape the Room. Fitness wear has form fitting garments that can afford you the agility, flexibility and comfort you need as you bend, crawl and reach into tight spaces for escape clues.


All out costume

There’s no reason to not take dressing for an escape room to an entertainment level. Have fun and go all out for your Escape the Room theme, dressing in costume and completely prepared to solve your way out of the room. Feel like embodying Sherlock or professional spy? Why not! Is there another, more appropriate excuse to dress in a trench with a spyglass monocle?


Is there anything I should not wear?

Some items are regretfully best left at home, including bulky accessories or uniform gear. For example, if you are coming for a work event straight from an excavation site, it’s better to leave your hard hat behind.


What’s one thing I cannot forget?

Your reading glasses! If you need glasses to read, you want glasses to search for clues and read findings aloud to your team as you make your way out of the escape room. This advice goes for regular, vision-correcting eyeglasses, too!

If you have any questions on how to dress for Escape the Room or any concerns on what to expect, reach out to our incredible team at Escape the Room in Phoenix!

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