Help Your Employees Easily Adapt to Changes With Escape The Room

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Situations arise in the workplace that take special attention with quick turnaround time. No one understands this more than the employees and team leaders who spearhead change in the workplace and help employees deal with change in the corporate or small business culture.

As important as change is, it is even more important to teach, train, and encourage your employees to seamlessly improve skills at adapting to change in the workplace. In some workplaces, there are powerpoint presentations that cover these things, but in order for the important information to really sink in, there needs to be a degree of experiential learning to drive the message home, or in this case, drive the message into the office.

This article is all about how adapting to change at work can be easy and fun under the right circumstances. Escape The Room is the perfect place for your employees or even corporate leadership, to practice adapting to change at work and helping their employees do the same!

How to adapt to change in the workplace

There isn’t simply one way to help employees adapt to change; there are many mechanisms that can be used, that are also specific to your business. For some, the change is using new software for project management, while other aspects of change come from operating under a new umbrella of management.

First, it helps to brace your employees for change, if you see it coming. Then, take your employees out to experience Escape The Room, to put their knowledge into action.

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is an experiential way for men, women, and employees to deal with change in a constructive way. Escape The Room is a series of puzzles and events that take place in a themed room.

Each group has 60-minutes to solve the puzzle and break out of the room. As time continues and the riddles, hints, puzzles, and experiences intensify, you will quickly find out who is able to adapt to change, and who needs a little more work.

Depending on which room you choose, your room will have a particular theme that guides you along your journey. Some rooms are themed as prison cells while others are jungles, abandoned houses, mines, and more slightly spooky areas where you don’t want to stay for too long!

How Escape The Room harnesses working with change effectively

Escape The Room is an ever-changing experience where you and the other participants will have no choice but to adapt along with the storyline. There is creative imagination wielded, intense time constraints, new mind-bending puzzles, technical and critical thinking skills to be flexed, and a lot of fun to be had.

Whether the group likes it or not, the experience must be done by a team as not one individual person will have the answers, nor they are able to work alone as some puzzles require more than one person. Each member must be able to move quickly through the puzzles in order to achieve the perfect end result of solving the puzzle.

How to book your corporate event at Escape The Room

Do you want to arm your employees with the gift of change? Escape The Room is a fun and exciting way to help your team learn and grow through experiential learning. Call us, today, to book your next corporate or team building event.

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