How Escape Room Games Improve Team Collaboration

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Face it, we’ve all been there. That place where as a boss we are scratching our heads wondering what happened to our team productivity, and wondering how to improve collaboration in the workplace. Or, we’ve been in that place as an employee where it is another day, another task list, another meeting, another yawn.

Great news! If you are a business owner or an employee, there is a way to increase collaboration in the workplace, and it has nothing to do with a boring Powerpoint presentation, seminar, or motivational speech. In fact, the solution we are thinking of is fun!

Escape The Room has the perfect solution for business owners and employees, the solution you all have been looking for. If you are wondering how a fun game can improve collaboration, we are here to answer all of the potential questions you might have, regarding the matter.

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What Is The Escape Room Game?

The escape room is a game where a group of participants is given a big puzzle with small subsections to solve, in order to break out of the room and get to the end result, which is the victory! Escape the room game was originally designed for events and team building exercises because of the immediate benefit teams see after completing the game.

Using a series of puzzles, riddles, hints, clues, and strategies, the participants work together to strategically break out of the room. There is a set time and theme to the room that the puzzles are designed for, in order to keep the game fun, fresh, and exciting.

The secret plot is different each time the game is played, so even if this isn’t the first time a person or employee plays, the puzzles, riddles, and experience will be completely different!

How Can The Escape Room Game Improve Collaboration?

A better question is, how can it not? The escape room game was specifically designed for players to work together, adding their strengths to the puzzles and riddles, in order to propel the team to victory. Within the room there is no us vs. them mentality, it is truly a team effort to get to the final steps of the puzzle.

Even better, there will be people who participate in the game that might be shy at work but shine in the room. There will also be leaders who find their expertise need not apply and must work toward providing support and encouragement for the people who have more knowledge in the area.

How Escape Room Games Improve Team Collaboration - How Escape Room Games Improve Team Collaboration

Does the Escape Room Game Work with All Teams?

Yes! Escape room games are fun and exciting for any workplace niche, any employer, and any team! The beauty of escape the room is that it is an event where employees participate outside of the office and enjoy the company of one another in a social setting, releasing that work stress that might bog a team down during a busy time period or even during a lull in productivity.

If you have more questions on how Escape The Room can help you, and how will it work for you and your team, call us and book your room! For more articles and blogs on how Escape The Room game benefits teams just like yours, click around and have a read!

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