Is Your Team Stuck in a Rut? Shake Things up at Escape The Room

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There comes a time in the workplace where traffic gets slow, morale goes low, and the team is somehow no longer working together like they used to. Of course, every business will go through the individual ebb and flow of productivity, but your team doesn’t have to suffer because of it.

Tools and experiences are at your fingertips to boost the attitude of your team and energetically work together to find a solution that the team and management can get behind. So, if you’ve wondered how to get out of a rut and get motivated (both you and your employees), look no further — we have the solution!

Play a game at Escape The Room

What is Escape The Room? Escape The Room is a thrilling game that involves teamwork, thinking outside the box, challenging puzzle solving, and lots of fun!

At Escape The Room, your team will be selected to enter a themed room and is presented with a series of puzzles that get increasingly harder as time passes. The end result is to find some sort of conclusion and escape the room together, without running out of time!

Why is Escape The Room effective for teams?

Think about it, if your team has somehow become unmotivated and productivity is at an all-time low, getting out of the office and working together might be the solution to the problem! From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. there is the same office routine, and breaking that routine with an outing is a great solution for that kind of slump!

Once at Escape The Room, you and your team will be greeted by our staff who will explain the rules of the game and set you off on your way to exploring, puzzling, and solving the problem together. This opportunity is a great indication of employees who possess leadership skills and others who are more keen to follow directions.

The process also lets employees shine. If a shy employee is in his or her element solving puzzles or rearranging patterns with mind-bending methods, you or the team leader might find they are better suited for a different position on the team, or have them lead in a different way you hadn’t thought of before.

How does Escape The Room motivate team members?

Out of office camaraderie is the perfect opportunity to get closer to one another. Find out what they like to do outside the office, what their family likes to do if they have kids, where they want to travel… the closer the team feels to leadership and one another, the faster they will solve problems inside Escape The Room and outside, in the office.

The escape room is a fast-paced game, so those who feel sluggish or tired will get a kick of extra motivation while the clock is ticking and the puzzle or riddle needs to be solved. Sometimes all a team need is to get up, get going, and get out of their element, to experience something new and exciting!

How can a team get to Escape The Room?

Simple! All you need to do is call one of our facilities and talk to one of our team members to schedule your team event. How to get out of a rut and get motivated has never been easier than with a little help from Escape The Room! Give us a call today, and schedule your next event with us!

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