How Escape The Room Can Improve Your Company Values

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The beginning of the new year it might be the right time to start thinking about your company core values, consider where you want your company to go and grow, while also thinking of ways to improve corporate culture to achieve the goals, dreams, and expansions you want in your company.

Start thinking about things like what are your company values? What is a good company core values exercise? What does your company stand for? How to improve company culture while having fun and exploring your very own city?

Escape The Room is one of the newest and most exciting ways to improve your corporate culture, harness the willingness to work as a team, gather new ideas, and help your office get the spark back that it needs before moving into the new year. This article explores how to improve your company by getting out of your comfort zone and into an exciting game!

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is a fast-paced game that includes a group of people, a puzzle, and a timer that will indicate whether or not you are at a pace that will help you escape out of the room you are “trapped” in. Together with your team, you will receive a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and your own personal or group strategy to complete the objective that is given to you at the beginning of the game.

Within the game you will experience a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure where leaders will emerge, a secret plot unfolds, and it is up to only the people in the room to figure out how to get out!

Why is Escape The Room great for teams?

The office can get boring, so why not get out of the standard corporate America model and break into a creative problem-solving atmosphere where your team can truly shine. Leaders will emerge that you might not have expected to be valiant, and big personalities might have to take the sidelines while other people with specific sets of skills go first and solve the problem as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How can Escape The Room Improve Corporate Values?

Different companies have different core values. Here are just a few Escape The Room can improve:

  • Teamwork
    Working together as a team is a critical point to be considered with corporate values. In order to achieve your goals, you’ll need to work together to get creative and solve a problem, even at the most critical time.
  • Time management
    Many corporate cultures emphasize the importance of managing time effectively. In Escape The Room you have only 60-minutes to solve a puzzle to escape the room. Practice makes perfect! Flex your time management skills in a themed room, and take it back into the office.
  • Leadership
    Leadership in the office can come in many different forms. For some, leaders are managing employees, while others are creating schedules, billing, HR, and leading the team to stay organized, efficient, and focused.
    Escape The Room focuses on these skills, and you will be able to see who is the most effective and influential, leading the team out of the room!
  • Creative, out of the box thinking
    Creative solutions can be found anywhere, so it is important to cultivate solutions for your team if creative out of the box thinking is a core value within your corporation.
  • Problem-solving
    Unified problem solving is a team’s greatest asset. To solve a problem individually is one thing, to solve a problem together as a unified team is another. You will be able to grow monumentally with a team that is willing to work toward solutions together instead of by themselves.

All in all, Escape The Room is a great opportunity to turn a bunch of lone rangers into a team that works together to solve a creative, time-sensitive, and exciting adventure.

Bring your team into Escape The Room to find an experience that will improve corporate culture, invite your employees to have fun, and unify the team to have fun back in the office working toward big 2019 goals!

Call us, today, to set up your next corporate event at Escape The Room!

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