How to Increase Employee Commitment With Escape The Room

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Managers and business owners face many challenges in owning and/or running a company, especially when employees are thrown into the mix. While most business logistical decisions can be black and white, employee commitment isn’t always an easy problem to solve. When employees show a lack of morale, commitment, or low engagement, it can be disastrous for a company.

So, how can a manager or owner combat this? How can a lack of commitment in the workplace turn into a productive paradise? This article will highlight some fun options Escape The Room offers to increase employee commitment, while also offering tips and tools to utilize inside the office.

Reduce stress in the workplace

Stress and anxiety can lead to employees that are less productive in the workplace. With the weight of work and home life, projects, reports, and day to day tasks in the office become overwhelming and can result in other issues arising from health problems to anger and frustration.

Getting your employees out of the workspace and engaging in an enjoyable, exciting, team-building exercise at Escape The Room can make all the difference in the mood of your employees or staff. Escape The Room is an engaging 60-minute activity where your team will join forces to complete puzzles, riddles, and mind-bending activities to achieve the ultimate success of escaping out of the room!

Sometimes getting out of the office means getting out of a cluttered headspace and making room for something else. After Escape The Room, your employees will be excited and energized!

Show your employees you care

What better way to show your employees that you care than organizing and participating in an enjoyable activity like Escape The Room? Any boss can write up a powerpoint or call a conference session, but how often do men and women in leadership take the initiative to go the extra mile and plan something truly fun for their employees? The more you care, the more loyalty you’ll attract.

Plan teamwork exercises that are FUN!

A lack of employee commitment can, at times, stem from a lack of unity within a team. Escape The Room offers employees an opportunity to come together, use the strengths of each member to solve the puzzle and win the game!

Team building exercises also relay to you, the boss or manager, who will step up into leadership and who prefers to follow orders and hang as support. This is incredibly valuable information; it is an insight into your employees, how they operate, and how you can leverage their particular skills for projects, promotions, and more.

React to your employee’s needs

Are your employees sick of the same old, same old? The answer is likely YES! They probably want more fun in their lives and would truly appreciate the opportunity to explore their problem-solving skills in an entertaining atmosphere while also hanging out with their team and creating new, exciting memories. This is exactly what Escape The Room offers! An opportunity to come together, solve a problem, and relish in your glory once you have completed the task.

For more information about scheduling your next corporate event or team building exercise, give us a call! We are happy to relay all the necessary information and give you tips on how you can plan the perfect event.

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