How to Make Employees Happy

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One of the most burning questions many business owners or managers have is how to make employees happy in order to produce the most productive workspace.

For some, what makes employees happy is consistency, for others it is fun. There is a wide spectrum of options for business owners and managers to consider, but we have listed the top 6 ways to bump up productivity, happiness, and improve the overall workplace with positive attitudes. Let’s get started.

6 Ways to Make Your Employees Happy

  • Show your employees appreciation
    Most human beings simply want to feel heard and appreciated, and often the two go hand in hand, especially in an office setting. There are many different ways to show your employees you care about their hard work and appreciate their efforts, but most stem from the following categories in a professional space: words of affirmation and acknowledgment. Telling your employees they did a fantastic job on a project is just as well received as individual praise for small wins that one or two people have produced. The small stuff that is noticed will boost the self-esteem of employees and drive them to work harder for you.
  • Providing team building experiences
    It is the job of an owner or manager to keep productivity high, and often high productivity is linked to high morale. Sometimes getting out of the office and participating in a team building activity is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Escape The Room provides employees with a fun, exciting, and critical thinking experience where your team works together to finish a puzzle. These out of the office team building experiences, especially with places like Escape The Room, are widely welcomed changes from office space to an outside experience that will unite the team together in an escape the room game, while you get to observe their leadership skills and critical thinking skills.
  • Building trust
    Nothing is more annoying than micromanagement, so just don’t do it! Instead, give your employees a chance to spread their wings, collect their wins, and also learn from their mistakes. The more space you give them to grow and learn for themselves, the easier it will be to manage the entire team in the future.
  • Offer, don’t command
    For some projects a simple, “would you like an opportunity to ______?” makes all the difference in whether or not an employee is attracted to a task you’ve assigned. In order to attract them, you need to make sure your employee knows this is an ask, not a command. Dress the opportunity up, make it seem exciting, and let the employee or employees know that you think they are the best person or team for the job because of the different skills they possess.
  • Encourage a healthy work/home life balance
    Employees who are happy when they come home, generally speaking, are happy when they leave the office. Happy and productive employees are the ones who are encouraged to go home and leave the phone or computer off, to focus on spending time with their families after work. This instills confidence and trust in employees, which in turn makes them happy to return to the office the next day, or after a weekend.
    Who wants to come in and work in an entirely boring workspace? Not many people! Instead of having a cut and dry office space, spice things up from time to time. Spring on your employees that this is a paid team building day and you’re headed to Escape The Room for some team building fun, bring in breakfast, or have a confetti fight in the break room. The more you change it up, the better they feel!

If you want to take your employees out, boost their happy meter, and have a work culture that is exciting and fun, take your team to Escape The Room.

We have multiple rooms that will fit your fun goals and also build your business to be happy and productive. After all, we are only as strong as those who work for us, so get going on having more fun. Book your Escape The Room experience, today!

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