Play Escape The Room Games to Break Your Daily Routine

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The weekend is coming. You and your friends are discussing possible activities to get out and have some fun. There are the typical spots, the dinner spots, the bars, the movies… but is that really what you want to do? Why not break the routine and try something new?

Escape The Room is a perfect opportunity to engage in new activities that are exciting, fun, and definitely not in the same routine you usually participate in. So, if you are wondering how to break routine in your social life, why not learn more about Escape The Room and book an event for you and your closest friends?

This article will cover what you can expect during a session at Escape The Room, what you will need to know, and, of course, how to book your special event. Let’s explore a new scene for your weekend recreation!

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is a mind-bending, high stakes game where you and your group will enter a themed room, and with 60-minutes on the clock, attempt to break out of the room you are in and find your way to glory! Each team will have to search the room for clues, solve riddles, find hidden keys to the puzzle, and work together to move onto the next activity.

As mentioned above, each facility has a themed room where your group can dress up to match the theme, or simply pick a room that resonates the best with your event or activity. In these rooms, you will build your team of 10 people, including friends, family, co-workers, or strangers, in order to establish a bond and complete the activity.

Why choose Escape The Room to break your normal routine?

Escape The Room is unlike any other activity on the market! Where else can you go and have your own real-life game of a mix between hide and seek, Clue, and Murder Mystery? Truly, the games are fun and make you use your mind in a way that isn’t typical for an outing with friends.

You and your team will be presented with tough to crack riddles, rhymes, puzzles, and activities that build comradery and strengthen friendships.

How to book your next activity at Escape The Room

It is pretty simple to have a great time at Escape The Room! All you need to do is give us a call and schedule a time and room you wish to escape from! Our friendly customer service staff is ready and excited to answer all your questions and guide you in planning and executing the perfect evening out that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

Have you already played Escape The Room? No problem! We have multiple rooms available and the theme, riddles, puzzles, and the event itself is completely different than the room you originally played in! It will be one of a kind experience all over again.

Give us a call today, and book your next weekday or weekend adventure in one of our rooms. Experience a day or evening you and your friends will never forget!

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