Team Building Practices Every Organization Should Implement

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If you are a business owner or manage a group of people, it is probably clear that there are moments in every career where team building best practices are brought up to boost productivity, morale, and overall comradery. Whether a plan of action is hatched quarterly or yearly, team building activities for organizations, large and small, are critically important!

Team building is so much more than a powerpoint presentation or picnic lunch, it is an event that should be taken seriously in the form of a grand outing that is enjoyable, exciting, and implements the most important points of teamwork within the framework of the activity.

So, what are some entertaining activities that can be practiced or implemented in business? This article will cover activities as well as suggest tips for going out of the office and engaging with team building activities.

Understand your team, individually and together

Ask yourself, what does your team need? What should be improved? What is the strength of the team and what are weaknesses?

If the company hasn’t implemented leadership strength assessments, there are hundreds of tests on the internet that will give you an insight into your employees, how they lead, what their strengths are, and weaknesses as well. It is a leadership tool for management or business owners.

Team building starts from the ground floor, which is identifying how your team operates! Now you can get to the fun stuff.

Organize office parties to celebrate wins

It might sound obvious but office parties are huge morale boosters! Most employees will look forward to a team party the entire week or even month! Get the group together, figure out what will be exciting, and allow adequate time in the morning or early afternoon to round up the troops and have some in-office entertainment.

Attend a seminar with your team

Some of the best moments in professional office culture are going to a seminar together, for personal and professional growth. There can be huge benchmark moments that occur during a seminar, and what better way than to experience it with the people you spend the majority of your day with?

Team building for organizations starts with leaders, so finding a leadership seminar that works for your business is key.

Organize an out of office team building day

Thinking about taking an entire day or evening to have fun and work on fine-tuning teamwork within your group? Look no further than Escape The Room! Escape The Room offers groups, like your team, 60-minutes to find the solution to a mind-bending series of puzzles, riddles, hints, and clues in an unforgettable, thrilling room escape game.

Much like taking a leadership assessment, you will be able to see which players on your team lead well under pressure, who is providing the best support, who is flexing their analytical skills, and who is contributing during different puzzles. This observation will show up in your office just as it is showing up in the game, which is great news!

Escape The Room is not only eye-opening experience for team building, but it is also REALLY fun! Your co-workers or employees will love getting out of the office and participating in an out of the box experience just as much as you are. Afterward, the team will have a new sense of working together that will productively bleed into your business.

Schedule your team building exercise at Escape the Room!

If you are looking for a fun way to motivate your team, look no further than an afternoon or evening at Escape The Room. Give us a call to schedule your next team building adventure!

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