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We get it, the day is long, the hours are tiring, and at the end of the day, many men and women who work full time or take care of children at the home need a way to relax. Mental health improving puzzles and games aren’t always the go-to answer, but if they are fun enough, why not?

Relieving stress through productive, mind enhancing activities can not only improve your mental health, but studies have shown that puzzles help the player use both sides of the brain, thereby improving mental health, mental clarity, and helping the brain stay sharp throughout life.

In an Escape The Room game, you will be faced with more than one opportunity to flex your brain skills and solve puzzle after puzzle while having fun. So, let’s explore how mental fitness is crucial, how mental puzzles enhance brain longevity, and how Escape The Room puzzles are good for the brain.

How do puzzles enhance mental health?

Word searches, word scrambles, jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, card games, and even a Rubik’s Cube are common puzzles that men and women enjoy, but possibly don’t know how healthy their brains are when they participate in mind penetrating puzzle games.

So, why and how are puzzles good for your brain?

In short, the brain consists of two hemispheres or lobes that are responsible for different tasks, ways of communicating, emotions, functions, and more. The right brain is known as the hemisphere responsible for dealing with emotions and tasks in a creative fashion, while the left brain is responsible for more analytical functions done in a systematic fashion.

Puzzles powerfully use both hemispheres, the right and the left brain, to complete the task while other daily functions only use or flex one hemisphere of the brain. This becomes increasingly important, especially in the elderly population — chemicals like dopamine (the happy chemical) are released, the puzzle goers are happier and feel more fulfilled long-term.

How does Escape The Room game Improve Mental Health?

Escape the room game is an activity series where participants have 60-minutes to solve puzzles and riddles that become increasingly difficult as time passes. Try it out as a couple or get a group of co-workers or friends together for an entire evening or afternoon of fun.

Each room has a different theme, so you will be able to dress up, or pick the puzzles that will test your knowledge, change your perspective, have a lot of fun, and encourage you to think quickly and effectively with your team before the time is up!

How to book an Escape Room

Mental puzzles aren’t just great for your brain, they are a fun activity to do with friends, too! Mental health enhancing puzzles don’t have to be boring! They don’t even need to come in the form of a 6,000 piece jigsaw puzzle! You can get your kicks at Escape The Room and have fun while exercising your brain.

Reach out to us, today, to get more information on Escape The Room games, or simply call us and make your reservation. You and your brain won’t regret it!

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