Is Groupon Good for Room Escape?


Groupon is one of the most popular e-commerce websites where buyers can visit the website or app, search for events, activities, spa treatments, hot air balloon rides, clothing, toys, gift certificates, and more. Groupon is highly popular for businesses to get marketing done on behalf of their business, from a large entity, with the hope of customer retention after the service, business trip, or outing has been completed.

Usually, these activities through Groupon are deeply discounted, making them attractive to buyers, but does it actually help businesses thrive? Or are they regarded as “cheap,” and if the marketing on the business’ end fails, and the customer who bought the deeply discounted service doesn’t return, the business can take a hit.

Escape The Room is no exception to the rule. So, the question remains, is an escape room game Groupon a positive business decision or will a Groupon for a room escape game hurt businesses?

The Benefits of Escape Room Groupon

As mentioned, Groupon is a discount e-commerce entity that gives deep, deep discounts to consumers. As attractive as making loads of money up front might be, there is also a huge benefit to creating a Groupon for consumers, in order to know and understand what your business is, what you offer, and why should they choose to spend a night out, corporate event, or afternoon, playing an escape room game.

Groupon has a marketing and advertising campaign series that will put escape the room games in front of millions of viewers and attract business from people who might not have otherwise seen or experienced it.

Likewise, escape the room will experience more money upfront from flash deals on Groupon or bundled deals on the site. This upfront money can turn into a lifetime cycle of making money over and over again from return customers, but their experience has to be SO good that they want to come back and bring their friends and family members.

This is the responsibility of the business owner and room operator — they must give the people what they want, and this isn’t always easy.

Is Groupon Good for Room Escape? - BENEFITS OF ESCAPE ROOM

The negative impact of a Groupon

There are, of course, negative impacts of using Groupon in an escape room business. For one, using Groupon often might seem, to others, like your brand or company is labeled as a discount business. That isn’t always great for business, especially if you are marketing a better, more robust experience for your customers.

The second major disadvantage to having Groupon with an escape the room business is the possibility of not having those valuable return customers. If a large group of customers buys a Groupon pass or bundle and have a negative experience, there is a chance that they won’t return. The deep discount that was offered results in a net negative for your escape the room company and a major hit to your monthly and yearly attendance.

Last but not least, the massive load of marketing and advertising your business as a discount business can hurt the overall industry. Some men and women only scroll through discounts on Groupon because they are looking for discounts. They will refuse to pay full price for any event, let alone yours. So, even if they have a great experience at your establishment, if others don’t offer the same deep discounts, they simply won’t go.

To Groupon or not Groupon, that is the question

All in all, as a business owner or room manager, you will need to make the decision for yourself. If you believe your establishment, for a little upfront discount, can give the customers an overall amazing experience that will result in repeat business, do it! If you are willing to take a temporary hit in cash flow, do it!

And finally, don’t rely on Groupon alone for customers. Use your own marketing and advertising team to continue to offer incentives that will not only create interest in your business but will also give your customers such a great experience that the next time they decide to go, they will be happy to pay full price.

For more information on our Escape The Room games, and why it is a great fit for your next adventure, give us a call or visit our website for more information. We hope to see you soon!

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