How Escape Room Helps Communication Skills

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There is no denying that good communication skills are at a premium in the business world, with high demand for clear communicators in every industry. This demand has led to countless workshops and lectures, all claiming to improve communication skills among employees, and between management and the workforce.

However, no workshop can claim, among its benefits, that everyone engaging in it is guaranteed to have fun or get to know one another better, all while developing team building communication skills.

That is why Escape The Room has developed an escape room that not only provides the office with an exciting boost to morale, but it does so while focusing on the particular skills that will lead to more effective communication when everyone gets back to work. Communication skills games might be the answer to help your team work harder and more effectively.
Read through this article to find some team communication games that will translate over to more cohesive and collaborative workspace.

How Room Escapes Benefits Team Morale and Communication

Lectures and workshops, while educational, do not require the participants to interact with one another on a human level, and often, employee job titles and rank interfere with the process of developing trust and effective relationships. Communication games for work are anything but boring, making it a unique alternative to a lecture.

In the room escape game, every encounter is unique, and if the participants are to have any hope of getting out of the room, they better leave all that stuffy boardroom protocol at the door! If a team wants to escape, they better talk it out together and do so, fast.

Steps the Escape Room Takes to Boost Teamwork

The barrier that can exist between management and employees erodes in moments when the team has a clear goal, outside of the usual context, with everyone working together for the team to successfully escape their confinement.

Escape room games teach participants how to listen. While this may seem simple, the benefits in business are immediate, since so often, teams hear each other, without actually listening to what is being said.

Each Individual Gets a Voice in the Escape Room

Everyone’s input is important in the escape room game and the attention shifts from convincing others to creating a trusting team. Escape room also sharpens team performance under pressure, as events are timed and simulated to create high stakes situations, that will make future deadlines and projects seem like a breeze.

Effective teams are based on high-quality relationships as much as on skills or training, and escape room game is perfect for transforming a room full of coworkers into a tight-knit group of friends and colleagues; a true team effort.

Why choose Escape The Room

All in all, you can take your team in two different directions. The first is to a boring workshop or team meeting in a dreary meeting space, to go over the steps that need to be taken in order to boost communication and morale. This option is great for the short term, but in the long run, you are going to want something more.

The second option is to provide a fun, fast-paced, exciting exercise for your teammates, co-workers, and employees, to partake in a brain flexing activity that isn’t in the office, that isn’t boring, and that will be a lot of fun to talk about for weeks and months to come.

For your next corporate event or team building exercise, call us, and reserve a room. If you need more inspiration, check out our blogs and articles for more information, and start planning your next event!

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