Halloween at Room Escape

  • Halloween at Room Escape

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes haunted houses, headless ghosts, blood thirsty vampires, and brain hungry zombies. There are a ton of quick and simple ways to make your office, business, or friendly social gathering perfectly spooky.

Halloween at Escape The Room is an experience for the entire company. It should be noted that a haunted theme party will always go down as a night to remember, for everyone.

We have tips and suggestions to make your halloween escape room party the best and scariest experience yet.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a themed room designed for individuals and groups to think critically, have fun, and explore all given options, tips, and tools in order to escape a room. Studies have shown that any escape room activity is actually one of the most intellectually stimulating games or methods of entertainment for men and women who participate.

Another great aspect of Escape Room is the ability to work together and collaborate to find a solution where everyone gets out of the room within adequate timeframe. This is a particularly important skill to work on, especially when going with a team or business group, because it allows for equal leadership and teamwork.

Coming together to find a solution to escape the room has the same underlying mechanisms that your office will work with currently, or in the future. With social circles, Escape Rooms are an exciting way to get together and have a different kind of fun! Instead of sitting on the couch watching a movie, or going out to the same bar night in and night out, take your circle of friends to an escape room and change up your evening with thrilling, impactful fun.

Halloween is a perfect time to get your friends or co-workers together to escape the room. All you need to do is figure out what you need to either make your own escape room or simply come into one of our facilities and enjoy the premade, pre-decorated Halloween fun.

Simple ideas to create your own Halloween Room Escape

  • Dress up as a ghoulish group and meet at the room escape in theme. Here are just a few ideas: The Adams’ Family, Ghostbusters, zombies, group of vampires, escaped convicts, escaped asylum patients, The Avengers, Minions, hazardous waste chemical clean up workers, jungle animals, bloodied athletes, horror riddled priests, or zombies and zombie hunters.
  • Get authentic, Halloween decor and decorate the room with a fright night festivities. Items like fake cobwebs, pumpkins, spiders, orange lights, floating ghosts, witches, flying bats and skeletons.
  • Dress up mannequins as spooky props.
  • Let players find objects in the room that are scary, menacing, and Halloween themed. Think ouiji boards, brooms, fake blood, masks, and fake gravestones.
  • Host a pumpkin carving segment. Either carve them yourself or hold a vote on which pumpkin shows the most Halloween spirit.

Don’t waste another minute wondering what you are going to do this Halloween or even this weekend. Escape the Room is a fun, thoughtful, and entertaining way to spend your weekend. Bring your team in and work together to reach a common goal, and a have a lot of fun along the way.

For more information on Escape the Room, or to read more articles about themes, events and activities, read our blog posts and call us to schedule your next group event!

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