Can You do an Escape Room as a Couple

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It is your anniversary or date night and you are looking for something just a little better than the typical dinner and a movie. It might be time to get to doing something more exciting than the usual. Break out of the mold and experience something different. Escape room for couples is a fantastic idea to make date night just a little more exciting.

Many people have heard about Escape The Room through social media or through friends and family and relay it as an unforgettable experience. Escape The Room game is a game that is played by groups and couples to get outside of their boxes, explore the mind, and have a lot of fun. It is a series of puzzles, riddles, games, and clues, where couples and groups are able to work through each set or series and solve the clues in order to leave the room in 60 minutes.

If Escape The Room can be done as a group, can you do an escape room game as a couple? The answer is, yes! Escape The Room is great for couples who are looking to do something exciting and new. Escape The Room is great for the following reasons and might even put a spark back in your romance you didn’t know was lost. Here are some of the best outcomes of an Escape The Room adventure with your significant other:

  • Enhanced Communication
    Communication between spouses or partners is critically important and can be easily lost in the drone of everyday life. Communication in an Escape The Room atmosphere not only is critical to the solution of the game, but it is a component that is fun! In Escape The Room, you are challenged to notice each and every detail throughout the game to get the right clue and find a way to make it out with time to spare. Working together in efficient communication causes the experience to move faster and more efficiently. Also, the challenges are fun, so you are not just sharing information and experiences, you are sharing a great time with the people you love the most.
  • Teamwork
    What does it mean to be a part of a team? For some, teamwork is experienced as a leader while others take the role of followers. For a partnership to thrive, there are times where one partner needs to be the leader while the other follows. In an Escape The Room situation, a couple will work as a team in order to get the end result desired. Much like real life, there are instances where, as a couple, one person has better skill than the other. While you might be an expert wordsmith, your partner might be better at riddles or puzzles. This is a great opportunity to explore what skills and strengths you have individually and as a couple.
  • A test in patience
    Patience is a virtue, but it isn’t always possible or easy in some partnerships and marriages. Escape The Room is a 60-minute game where teamwork, communication, and patience are key. It will take patience in order to complete the task of escaping the room, and what a great and fun way to practice than with your lover or partner.
  • It takes two to trust
    Certainly, in any relationship, partnership, or friendship trust is critically important. In Escape The Room, it is fun to rely on trust and patience to play a fun game with your loved one. A great way to trust your partner is to give up control in an Escape The Room game and trust that they might have the answer that you don’t have! Trusting one another in an Escape The Room will not only turn out to be a fun experience, but it will make your bond stronger. If that wasn’t enough, the best of times happen as a couple when you are doing something new and exciting. Escape The Room is a perfect date night place for you and your spouse to let loose and enjoy outside of the box experience. Book your next date night that neither of you will forget!
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