How Many People Do You Need for Escape The Room?

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Escape The Room is an exciting game for families, couples, groups of friends, and work teams to participate together and solve a fast-moving mystery with the intention of escaping the room they are trapped within. Playing together is not only extremely fun, but it is also a great opportunity for team building and bonding while creating new, lasting memories.

There is no question about it, Escape The Room is fun; but, is a group Escape The Room experience better than a dual experience? Can escape room for 10 people be as fun as a game for a smaller group? This article will explain exactly what you can expect during your Escape The Room outing, how many people we suggest for your evening or day out, and some helpful tips on how to optimize your experience and create the best possible social outcome.

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is a mind-bending, fast-moving game in which a group is set in a theme room with varying experience levels and is given a set of tasks that build on each other to achieve the goal of escaping the room.

An escape room game adventure for a group, as mentioned above, has varying themes that can be thrilling, a mystery, or suspenseful. The group will work together to find a solution to each task or puzzle, and the faster you can solve the mystery, the more claim to fame you will accrue.

As a group, the better suited to work together, the easier and faster you will solve each puzzle. So, the question remains, is an Escape The Room adventure better for large groups or can a group of two or three have just as much fun getting into the action and solving the puzzles?

The benefit of having a large group

There is a great benefit to having an Escape Room experience for 8 people or more, especially if you are planning an event that is geared around team building. As a manager or business owner, bringing a large group of employees or coworkers will give you an important insight into how your group works under pressure.

Likewise, a large group of team members will show how individuals lead and how others follow. This is particularly beneficial in a work atmosphere because it showcases the individual strengths and weaknesses of the team without negatively impacting work performance.

For social circles and larger families, a large group experience is a great opportunity to have a shared experience that is fun, exciting, and full of laughter and bonding. You and your family members will remember this experience for years to come and create long lasting memories that will be the perfect talking point for the next holiday dinner or reunion.

The benefit of a small group

Escape room games for two people or slightly more also has its perks! If you and your spouse, partner, or a friend are new in town, there is a great opportunity to meet new people, have powerful and fun shared experiences, while also learning something new and experiencing a heart-pumping event that is fun for just about anyone who chooses to experience it.

While Escape The Room is ideal for large groups, it is truly a personal preference on how you experience the fun, and we aren’t the kind of people who will tell you what to do.

How to book your next event at Escape The Room?

If you are interested in booking a group of two or more people for your Escape The Room experience and have more questions just pop open our chat window or give your local Escape The Room a call. We will walk you through all your options and pick the perfect theme and experience level for you. Book your next exciting adventure in Escape The Room.

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