How to Raise Employee Morale

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No matter how effective, enthusiastic, and dynamic your office is, every team can benefit from higher employee morale. When it comes to morale-boosting games, run of the mill ideas like an employee potluck or a happy hour at the local watering hole can be hit or miss, since often they can just feel like an extension of office politics, without the opportunity for employees to get to know one another on a more intimate basis or develop trust.

Additionally, traditional methods for boosting employee morale leave the walls between management and employee upright, hindering the development of trusting relationships between bosses and their staff. How does employee morale rise? Well, if a pay raise is out of the question…

Enter the escape room challenge! One of the biggest factors in employee morale is whether the employees feel valued, heard, and acknowledged for their hard work or not. Employees who are aware that their bosses in management know their worth and protect their interests will work harder and longer than employees who have doubts.
So, as the boss, if you’re asking yourself how to raise employee morale, Escape The Room is the place for you and your team!

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is a fast-paced environment where a team collaborates together to find the solution to a seemingly impossible set of puzzles or games, in order to break out of the room you are in and soak in the glory of a victory that awaits you on the other side of the room.

Scenarios within the room escapes provide rare opportunities for bosses and employees to be on a level playing field, leaving their job titles at the door, as they collaborate to solve problems as a team. The trust that this develops will carry over into the workplace, boosting morale and productivity.

How Can Morale Be Lifted During the Game?

The equality of the escape room situation means that everyone in the room is an important factor in escaping. This can lead to scenarios where introverted, quieter employees that frequently pass on opportunities to provide input during meetings or office parties become the heroes or heroines of the entire office when they’re the ones that provide the insight at the last moment, that saves the day.

Employee morale is sure to raise when painfully shy Linda from Analytics blossoms in front of the whole department as a leader and a sleuth extraordinaire. Escape The Room gives each person, with almost every skill from leadership to computer analytics, an opportunity to flex their skills and help, i.e. be a part of the solution.

This aspect alone is incredibly important when talking about a person’s self-confidence, and ability to speak up and perform under pressure. Self-esteem in an office scenario can seem dreary, but it ends up being one of the most important individual pieces to a teamwork puzzle.

How do high-pressure scenarios raise morale?

The escape room provides a high-pressure arena for employees to bond as a team, and adrenaline is often pumping so high that the camaraderie created simulates the bonds formed by firefighters, police, and the military among its members. Our brains simply cannot tell the difference between a simulation and real life when there are that much dopamine and adrenaline flooding our system.

An office with a shared experience, such as an escape room memory, will never view a measly deadline as a challenge again. The comradery that a team experiences at the end of a puzzle will undoubtedly leave you all with something a little more exciting to talk about on a Tuesday morning.

How to Book a Room for Your Next Team Building Event

When you are ready to do something different, and dive into a new experience with your team, in order to raise morale, give us a call to reserve a room! You will be happy you did something outside the box to improve individual self-esteem and overall team building.

For more information read through some of our blogs, or book your room, today, by giving us a call!

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