Engage Your Employees with Escape the Room Games

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If you work in an office, have a team, or manage employees, there comes a point where morale is wavering, teamwork is falling flat, or perhaps production just isn’t where it should be. There is a myriad of reasons WHY this happens, but instead, wouldn’t it be more productive to focus on a solution to get back to optimum performance and collaboration as a team at work?

Ultimately, if you have asked yourself how to engage employees in your workspace, consider the answer being one of amazing Escape The Room games! A fun activity might just be what everyone needs to start working together in a better, more focused space, build comradery, and ultimately foster positive relationships between one another.

This article will answer the digging question of how to get employees engaged by taking a trip to your local Escape The Room! Read on to find out more.

What is Escape The Room?

Escape The Room is an entertaining, mind-bending, team building experience, located within our local facilities. The goal of Escape The Room games is to work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles, to achieve the end result of escaping the room. Each step achieved builds on the last and emphasizes various strengths each individual has.

Created to build relationships and create excitement, Escape The Room has played a key role in building teams, hosting incredible events, and giving everyone a reason to celebrate and make impactful memories.

How Does Escape The Room Impact the Workplace?

Solving a puzzle with co-workers is, generally speaking, way better than sitting in a cold, stuffy conference room going over a PowerPoint presentation about how to work together, build work relationships, and stay engaged in projects and work tasks.

Escape The Room games are FUN, exciting, and allows for the quiet employees to step up as leaders and for leaders to step back as support. These roles undoubtedly carry on from Escape The Room and into the workplace, where employees have a new set of confidence in their skills and what they bring to the team.

Why Choose the Escape Room for a Team Building Exercise?

While the chances of your team being locked in a room with a handful of ways to get out in real life probably won’t ever happen, some issues, problems, or projects at work might feel like your team is locked in a problem that has seemingly no solution.

Participating in a escape the room game as a team will allow participants to revisit their time in the room, explore what they had to draw forth to solve the puzzle, AND understand what it means to be a team player, while also giving employees and team members the confidence to push just a little further to explore creative, outside the box solutions, to solve the problem at hand.

Engage Your Employees with Escape the Room Games - Engage Your Employees with Escape the Room Games

How Can a Team Make the Escape Room Fun for Employees?

There are tons of different ways to make escape room game fun. One is to create a theme around the event! If you have office jokes, all enjoy a certain theme or show, or if you simply want everyone to dress up as whatever they want, you can really set the mood for an exciting and fun experience.

Another way to make escape room game fun for employees is to create an evening or afternoon around it. Engage your employees and ask if they want to go to lunch before, dinner after, or grab some beverages to talk about how much fun they had and continue to make bonding memories.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to find a solution regarding how to get employees engaged, we, at Escape The Room, have an answer for you. Simply give us a quick call and talk to our customer service representatives to schedule your team building experience, today!

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