The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

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Escape room simulations are high-pressure scenarios, and unless everyone is willing to think outside of the box and listen to one another, things can quickly descend into absolute chaos. If you are with a group that works well together, or not, you will experience the high highs and low lows of Escape the Room, at the drop of a hat.

Once derailed by this type of confusion, any possibility of achieving a high score, or breaking records, flies out
the window, and for anyone with a serious intention of having an excellent escape room experience, the following
provides a list of the most common escape room mistakes to avoid.

  1. Keeping all the good ideas to yourself
    In the escape room, information is as valuable as the time remaining on the clock. Patterns, numbers, intuitive
    leaps of reasoning that you cannot fully explain, any of these might be the key to solving the puzzles that are
    keeping the team trapped and helpless. Hoarding information or insisting that you can figure out a puzzle all
    alone will not serve in the escape room.
  2. Losing your cool
    An escape your escapade is no time to get into a shouting match or an argument, however, it happens frequently, to
    the detriment of the entire team. Between the theatrics of the escape room scenario, and the ticking time clock,
    adrenaline surges, but keeping your cool is an invaluable advantage.
  3. A team too large or too small
    There is such a thing as having too many players on your team, and there is also certainly the possibility of
    bringing too few. A shortage of players means that all the puzzles will quickly overwhelm your squad, while too
    many players may step on each other’s toes, and waste time arguing instead of solving one puzzle after another.Six
    people can break up into smaller groups to tackle challenges, but also provides enough manpower for bigger
    obstacles to be overcome.
  4. Ignoring information
    The “boring” stuff at the beginning of the event, with all the safety and rules and stuff? Pay close attention,
    because it’s chock-full of clues, information, and tips for how to maximize the amount of time in the game. The
    minutes spent going over that information are minutes that you can save in the room.
  5. Getting stuck at the beginning
    If you can’t solve a puzzle, MOVE ON. Just because a compelling puzzle presents itself immediately in the escape
    room, does not mean that it is a high priority, or even something that can be solved until a later piece of
    information is unlocked.
  6. Giving up too soon
    Nothing is worse than an Escape the Room player who gives up right away. So, when you are feeling stuck, don’t
    think you have the answer, or simply have a moment where you have no idea how you will solve the puzzle, remember,
    you are not alone!
  7. Not taking the puzzle seriously
    Of course, the game is meant to be fun, but if you save all your good advice and effort for the end, you’ll be
    surely sad at the very end. Right out the gates, bring it and have fun!

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