Workplace Issues Escape the Room Can Solve

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The workplace isn’t always the most peaceful and relaxing space, but with most employees and employers spending the majority of their day, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., working together, it is important to have a sense of unification and productivity. How is something like that achieved within a group? Can problem-solving activities help in the team building process? 

The answer is – yes! There are a ton of team building problem-solving activities that can assist in creating a productive, safe, fun space for your employees, but it should be something that is done outside the office. No more presentations, no more speeches. 

The goal of a team problem-solving activity should be done outside of the workspace and into an experience that is all-inclusive, fun, and a way to observe your team and your employees in their leadership, problem-solving, and more.

So, where can something like this be achieved? What are the common workplace issues that can be solved in an interactive game? The answer is Escape The Room! This team problem-solving, fun, interactive exercise can quickly resolve common issues experienced in a working environment. 

What are common workplace issues?

Common issues in the work environment might come across in different stories, conflicts, and issues, but at the core of common workplace issues, there are five major categories these issues often fall into. The good news? An Escape The Room experience can help alleviate these issues through problem-solving games and team problem-solving activities. 

Three most common workplace issues solvable by Escape The Room experience

  • Issues with communication
    Communication issues are not simply segregated to the workplace. Most adults (and children) have communication issues between one another. As human beings, we are so different, so unique, and have been raised different ways, meaning there are very different views on how to communicate with one another. This can lead to issues inside the workplace that impact productivity, deadlines, and projects. Escape The Room games bring out the best in communication due to the fact that you MUST work together as a team to get the puzzle solved. The challenges, clues, riddles, and stories cannot be accomplished without proper communication. As you move through the process, watch your employees check in over and over again, and practice in a fun, safe space. 
  • Practice problem-solving tactics
    At work, during high project times, deadlines, and internal conflict, proper and appropriate problem-solving is important. All major and minor issues require proper problem-solving skills, which can be achieved through proper leadership, communication, and practice. Escape The Room offers an easy exercise to figure out how creative problems can be solved on a time crunch. These challenging and exhilarating problems in a fast-paced environment will force the team to solve problems before the time is out! 
  • Collaboration and cooperation 
    Collaboration and cooperation are alternative words to teamwork. Teamwork truly does make the dream work! Whether you are collaborating together with one another to finish step one or looking at the bigger picture, you will need to collaborate inside and outside the office to keep the environment smooth, calm, and productive. Likewise, collaboration and cooperation are bonding. Teamwork within a workgroup will help the office in the long run; it will help to figure out how to work together to achieve a common goal. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Escape The Room and how it can help your workplace, connect to our online booking platform! We are happy to assist you in any way possible and help facilitate your teambuilding or workplace event where you will be able to have fun with one another and learn something new! 

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