Tips for Organizing a Team Building Activity

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When it comes to rallying your office together for a team building event, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the activity the most worthwhile. Let’s check them out.

How to Organize a Team Building Event

Connect the dots between activity and work environment

Team building activities are incredible for understanding team dynamics through a new lens. Before selecting any outside team building event center, make a list of what it is you want your team to learn. Does the facility you are choosing allow the opportunity for these lessons?

Use a professional activity guide

At team building event centers, such as Escape the Room, professional leaders are seasoned in drawing the comparisons between the teamwork, trials, and triumphs that take place in the room and at the office.

Start with filling out worksheets

By giving your team questions to think about before beginning the activity, you can plant the seed for lessons to be learned while navigating the ins and outs of the team building event.

Put the event on the schedule

Give employees plenty of notice about the event – you don’t want distracted group members wishing they were at their desk completing a client task instead of solving problems together with their team. Placing the event on your schedule gives the team a chance to prepare, to get excited and to understand that you prioritize their efforts working together as a team.

Keep the event open to a half-day or afternoon activity, so your team can return to work the following day completely re-energized and ready to discuss what they learned.

Track team preferences

Ask employees to write down what they were wishing their fellow employees were doing less or more of. Then ask them to write out what they could have been doing differently or better. If it seems appropriate and like the energy will remain high, you can initiate a group discussion. It might be a safer option to compile a collective list of items the groups wanted more or less of and share it with everyone from the event.

Consider pre-assigning roles or tasks to the group

Role pre-assignments can go a few ways. While you have the option to let your team arrive at the event and naturally assume positions as leaders, evidence collectors, note takers and observers, you might try assigning these roles before the group heads to the outing. Be strategic with whom you assign to work together and with the responsibilities you delegate. If you are wise, you can help employees get glimpses into the regular roles of their peers and teammates to foster better understanding and cooperation in the work environment.

Follow up with lessons learned

Team building activities are all about learning how the group works together, so be sure to hold an organized debrief after the outing.

Follow-up with a survey

Wait a few days, or a week, after the team building event has wrapped up and send out a survey to see how the event went. If it was enjoyed and if employees extracted your intended lessons from the activity. Survey results will help gauge the effectiveness of the event and to optimally plan the next one.

Come into Escape the Room

Escape the Room is a favorite team building activity for companies of all sizes and industries. Treat your employees to a day of fun at one of our facilities in Phoenix, AZ. Reach out to our team at Escape the Room to learn more and get your next outing booked.

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