Escape Rooms are the Perfect Date Night Idea

  • Escape Rooms are the Perfect Date Night Idea

It’s hard to date during a pandemic. Most date night options, like going to a restaurant or a crowded theater, just aren’t safe. Other places like bars and clubs are just not open. Fortunately, escape rooms are a safe option, and a creative way to have a memorable night out.

The best dates are unique. A movie date is a tired old standard. Even if we could go to theaters right now, we can’t think of a worse date than sitting quietly staring a screen without engaging with each other. Escape rooms put you in a situation where you have to work to complete a mission, conversing and and engaging with each other.

An exciting date is a memorable date. If you’re dating someone for the first time, you’re being measured against all the other dates that person has ever had. If you’re going on a date night with your long term partner, date nights can tend to be forgettable. Escape rooms are exciting! It’s not every day you get to play the part of the secret agent or escape from rampaging dinosaurs. It’s no secret that a shared heart-pounding experience can bring people closer together, and an escape room can accomplish that far better than dinner and drinks ever can.

Conversation doesn’t come easy to a lot of people. When you’re first dating someone, it’s difficult to find common ground in conversation, and you often find yourself struggling to find topics of discussion. The same applies when you’ve been together for long time and you’re just run out of things to say after spending so much time together (especially during quarantine). Playing an escape room demands that you communicate with one another to work toward a shared goal, and gives you plenty to talk about and bond over without any awkwardness. Beating an escape room game will give you lots to discuss over dinner and for weeks to come, and might even get you a second date to try another room!

It’s no secret that dating can be expensive, and with this pandemic in full swing, nobody has a lot of money to spare. Fortunately, escape rooms are absolutely budget friendly! The price for an entire hour of fully immersive (and safe) entertainment is a great value that far exceeds what you’d get for a dinner and movie date. When’s the last time you bought popcorn and soda at a movie theater and came away thinking it was worth the small fortune you paid for it? And whether or not you beat your escape room in time, you’ll get to take a photo at the end of it. How many dates have a photo to commemorate the evening?

Most importantly, Escape the Room is a safe night out. Every precaution is taken to ensure guest safety, from thorough cleaning and disinfecting to employee wellness checks, and you only play with those you bring with you. You don’t even share the lobby with other guests. This means you and your date can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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