Escape Rooms are a Fun and Safe Night Out


Whether you’re looking for a night out with family, friends, or a date, your options for a safe and fun time are severely limited right now due to coronavirus. There’s only so much you can do at home, and with summer here and school not in session, everyone is feeling cooped up. Fortunately, escape rooms are an exciting and safe entertainment option.

Private Experiences

The largest threat of coronavirus comes from proximity to other people. That’s why a lot of places like bars and restaurants have shut down. At Escape the Room, every game is private, so you won’t interact with any strangers. In fact, games are scheduled so you don’t share the lobby with any other guests. This makes escape rooms a great way to have fun right now.

Safe Employees

You can rest assured that our staff is taking every safety precaution as well. All employees have their temperature checked when reporting to work. They are required to wear masks and practice 6 feet of social distancing at all times.

Clean Escape Rooms

All escape rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each game, using UV wands and antimicrobial solutions using professional atomizing mist systems. Masks and gloves are provided for anyone who needs them.

An Exciting Night Out

Escape rooms are thrilling! You have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape before time runs out. There are plenty of escape room scenarios to choose from, and once your group is engrossed in the game, the pressures of the outside world are forgotten. More importantly, you’ll have a great new experience to talk about afterward.

A Change of Scenery

Quarantine has made everyone a little stir crazy. When you ask someone how their weekend was, chances are they’ll say “oh, we sat around and binge watched TV shows, same as always.” Instead, doing an escape room let’s you respond with something far more impressive: “We hunted for clues, solved a mystery, and escaped from certain doom this weekend. How about you?”

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