Rooms - Rooms SOUTH PARK: CARTMAN'S ESCAPE ROOM Hello. And welcome to...Cartman's Escape Room™! You are about to enter the most diabolical and evil place ever invented: SKOOOOL! Many go in, but few come out alive.
WARNING: some parents may find this game unsuitable for children under 14 years of age because of, Animated Blood, Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, Crude Humor, Strong Language
Rooms - Rooms
Rooms - Rooms WESTERN BANK HEIST Saddle up for a trip to the old west in Western Bank Heist. You and nine others must rob a bank and get out with all the loot in less than 60 minutes. Conjure up your best Billy the Kid attitude and get ready to work against the clock. Rooms - Rooms Rooms - Rooms Rooms - Rooms JURASSIC ESCAPE It’s your chance to save the planet! Jurassic predators are being cloned and it’s up to you and 7 friends to stop the dinosaurs from being released and wreaking havoc on the streets of Denver. Protect the Stockyards, by avoiding detection from the evil corporation creating these experiments and stop their cloning process, all while eluding some loose dinosaurs in Jurassic Escape. Rooms - Rooms Rooms - Rooms THE THEATER What would it feel like if you were stuck in the movie Toy Story and Howdy Doody at the same time? Your team of 8 must solve puzzles to regain control of the wacky performance before curtain call. Enjoy our newest escape room which features a comical story and lively characters. Rooms - Rooms Rooms - Rooms MELTDOWN You and your team enter a nuclear power plant and find out the supervisor has gone missing. You have only 60 minutes to stop a MELTDOWN and keep your city from utter disaster. During this game, situations will be trying and you must keep from experiencing a personal MELTDOWN. This room has been designed for players who have played an escape room before. It can be more difficult than our other rooms but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? Those who succeed will have major bragging rights. Rooms - Rooms Rooms - Rooms THE SUBMARINE Ready for a story-driven adventure under the sea? Enter The Submarine and descend to the bottom of the ocean where you and 7 of your fellow shipmates must navigate the waters, outsmart the insane captain, and reach the surface before your oxygen runs out! Rooms - Rooms


Whether you are trapped in The Submarine, in the 1800’s performing a Western Bank Heist, trying to make sure the show is ready for curtain at The Theater, saving the entire city from destruction in Meltdown, or evading dinosaurs in Jurassic Escape, each Escape The Room Denver escape room will be extremely entertaining for you and your friends.


Littleton’s Escape The Room features a group of six rooms each filled with unique secrets, puzzles, mystery, and individual escape routes. If you are curious to know more about the best escape room in Denver, Colorado, just check out our About Us page filled with a ton of answers. Just don’t expect to have any information handed to you when it comes to making your way out of Jurassic Escape, The Theater, Meltdown, Western Bank Heist, The Submarine, or Cartman’s Escape Room.



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