The Jewel Thief Mystery

A man just stole a rare jewel and he knows the crime will be solved by morning. He stands on a fallen tree over a river, alone in the forest, in the middle of a freezing winter night.

He stands there for two or three hours before finally going home. The very next day, he has gone missing, and is presumed dead. What happened and how does he escape?

Clue #1: The thief wants to make sure that people notice he has been in the forest, but makes certain nobody sees him.

Clue #2: It’s snowing.

See the answer!


Players have 60 minutes to find the clues and solve the puzzles to escape from one of our award-winning themed escape rooms. Teams have to work together and combine their deductive skills to free themselves before time runs out.

Escape rooms are perfect for families, friends, or corporate groups! An escape game is your chance to be a hero in a living movie. Escape the Room offers the very best escape room experiences in the nation.

All games are private and safe! You only play with those you came with. Team members wear masks and stay 6 feet away at all times. We double-disinfect between games, and hand sanitizer is supplied. We call/text you to enter our lobby when it’s your time to escape the room.

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