Western Bank Heist

Saddle up for a trip to the old west in Western Bank Heist. You and 10 others must rob a bank and get out with all the loot in less than 60 minutes. Conjure up your best Billy the Kid attitude and get ready to work against the clock.

The Dig

10 excavators are stuck in the dark, deep in the Earth. Can you solve the mysteries that await you in The Dig? It takes a lot of smarts to make it back to the surface in this unique escape room adventure. You have 60 minutes to see the light and find your escape route.

The Agency

Channel your inner James Bond. In The Agency, 10 players must complete a secret mission in time. You have to proceed with caution: if you don’t make it out in 60 minutes, your superiors will deny your very existence. This escape room adventure is highly classified information!

About Escape The Room

Don’t expect to have any information handed to you when it comes to making your way out of The Agency, The Western Bank Heist, or The Dig. Escape The Room’s three escape room experiences are filled with twists, turns, secrets and mystery. We are very transparent about our team, our escape experience but we don’t like giving away spoilers!