What is Escape The Room?

San Antonio’s Escape The Room is one of the best times you can have with friends and family in the city! Take your brain on an adventure! You can pick one of our escape rooms. You can be a spy with The Agency, face The Western Bank Heist or make it out of The Dig in under 60 minutes.

What is an "escape room"?

An escape room is an adventure game played in real-life where players solve puzzles and riddles to find an escape route out of the room they are locked in. Escape rooms are set in a variety of locations such as banks, theaters, apartments, etc. Each location has different clues and hidden objects that are often related to the theme of the room.

How do escape rooms work?

To make it out of an escape room, you must rely on team work to find hidden clues and solve riddles. Each step gets you closer to your escape route out of the room. You will have 60 minutes to make it out of the room. Note that if at any point, someone on your team feels uncomfortable, one of staff members will let them out of the room.

How do you get out of an escape room?

To get out, you must solve all of the puzzles and riddles under 60 minutes. You must use your brain cells to crack the codes of your escape room experience in time.

How can I play Escape The Room?

All you need to do is gather friends, family or coworkers and book the room of your choice. What if your group is smaller than the maximum number of tickets per room? In that case, you can still play in that room, however, your group will be added into a game with others who bought a ticket for that same room.

What if I only want my group in an escape room?

To book an exclusive room for your group, you must purchase the entire block of tickets. This means that you must find a date where the room has no tickets sold to date.

Do we have to sign a waiver?

No, our rooms are all safe and do not require any abnormal physical activity and you will be in no danger in our rooms. Just show up ready to work your mind and be ready for a great hour of fun!

Do you have parking?

While we do not have our own designated parking area, there are 3 nearby options in the South Bank Lot, Riverbend Garage, and Houston Street Garage.

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