How Do Escape The Room Los Angeles
Gift Vouchers Work?

Gift Cards Will Be Available Soon.

If buying an Escape The Room LA gift card, just click the “Purchase Gift Card” Button below to begin the process of becoming the best gift giver on record. Who knows, you might get asked to join the person you are giving the gift voucher to. It’s like buying yourself the best gift ever!

If you are lucky enough to have received an Escape The Room LA gift card, you can use it in any of our rooms by clicking the “Redeem Gift Card” button below to begin your escape room experience. Make sure to thank the smart person who gave you the gift voucher after you redeem it for being so thoughtful and unique!

Gift vouchers may be used up to 12 months after the date of purchase at our Scottsdale location. In order to redeem the voucher, the recipient simply books the room of their choice on our website.

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