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Los Angeles Escape The Room is a game designed to push your mind to extreme levels of fun by creating unique problem-solving puzzles. Our team’s goal is to make players fall in love with games again. We offer a number of themes, aka escape rooms at our Glendale location. You can play Jurassic Escape, The Clock Tower, and Western Bank Heist. We hope you’ll have so much fun playing one of our escape games that you’ll try your hand at others.

What sets Escape The Room LA’s escape rooms apart from other real-life gaming experiences is that you are in control of the outcome of the game. Escape rooms are designed to lock players inside a room where they’ll have to race against the clock (60 minutes) to find hidden objects, solve puzzles and escape the room. Uncovering the room’s secrets to find an escape is entirely up to the players. Observation skills and logic are great allies to help you escape the room before time runs out!

You pick which room you want to play. We lock you in. You use your wit and cunning to solve the puzzles that will lead to your release. Although you are locked into the escape room of your choosing, you can ask to be let out at any time if you or someone else in your group feel uncomfortable during the course of the game. Our team puts your safety and comfort first.

You didn’t think we’d cave that easy, did you? You’ll have to figure out all the puzzles in each room in under 60 minutes if you want to escape.

Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and book the room of your choice. All of our rooms in Glendale have their own unique and fun puzzles to solve, so choose one and book the time open for your group.

You don’t need to buy all the tickets available for a room in order to play. Buy as many tickets as you need and your group will be added into a game with others who bought tickets for that room. It’s a great way to meet new players and hopefully get to know other escape artists!

All of our rooms are private, no other groups will be allowed to join your group once you have purchased tickets for your game.

We are located just off Broadway Street near the Macy’s and just around the corner from In N Out Burger.

Though all of our puzzles are designed for adult minds, we welcome all ages. However, if any member of your party is 14 years of age or under, there must be at least one adult chaperone to accompany unless you have booked the entire room (though we still encourage having an adult present). If any member of your party is 10 years or under, you must purchase all tickets for a room to ensure it is a private game as a courtesy to our other customers.


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