Grandpa’s Tall Tale

Grandpa sat down his grandchildren to tell them stories of his time in the war.

“When the World War I was on the verge of ending, I was awarded for my bravery. I had saved a group of my men under my command.” He coughed and then added, “When we were fighting in northern France, an enemy soldier threw a grenade at us. The men dove for cover, but before it could explode, I picked it up and threw it back at the enemy. For my act of heroism, right before the war ended, the General gave me a sword engraved with the words “Awarded for Display of Bravery and Heroism in World War One”.”

Upon hearing this, one of his grandsons spoke up. “Grandpa, you’re lying. That can’t be true!”

It wasn’t true. His grandson caught him in a lie. But how did he know?

See the answer!


Players have 60 minutes to find the clues and solve the puzzles to escape from one of our award-winning themed escape rooms. Teams have to work together and combine their deductive skills to free themselves before time runs out.

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