Escape The Room is the best escape room experience in DFW, with two locations we have enough rooms to keep you solving puzzles for quite a while. While we won’t show you how to get out, here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about escape rooms and our Dallas & Fort Worth locations.

Escape The Room is an opportunity to really push new forms of interactive gaming by testing you and your friend’s problem-solving skills in one of our escape rooms. We have two locations in DFW, one in Dallas on Preston Rd. and our newest location in Fort Worth in Downtown. Combined we have ten rooms and nine different themes to play.

Teams will have to work together and combine their wits to successfully free themselves before time runs out. While you will essentially be locked inside a room, know that you may ask to be let out if you or anyone else feels uncomfortable for any reason during the course of the game. Your safety and comfort are among our highest priorities.

Once locked in the room, you will have 60 minutes to search for clues and solve puzzles, hopefully leading to your escape. It’s up to you and your friends to crack our codes in time.

Gather your friends, family, or coworkers and book the room of your choice. Each room has a wholly immersive atmosphere and story to set the stage for your adventure. Escape rooms are the perfect chance to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and have fun!

Sunday through Friday, escape room bookings require a minimum of 2 people.  Saturday escape room bookings require a minimum of 4 people.

We ask participants to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. Games are scheduled so you will not share the lobby with other teams, and we will call/text you to enter the lobby when your escape room is ready. 

At our Dallas location, there is plenty of free parking in the Preston Forrest Villiage Shopping Center parking lot.

At our Fort Worth Location there is street parking which is free on the weekends and after 6pm on the weekdays. There are also some pay garages and parking lots located close to our location on Houston St.

Though all of our puzzles are designed for adult minds, we welcome all ages. However, if any member of your party is 14 years of age or under, there must be at least one adult chaperone to accompany them.

1) All games are completely private, and you won’t interact with anyone you didn’t bring. Games are scheduled so you won’t share the lobby with any other teams. We ask that you come exactly at your designated time to help us with this.

2) Our staff will have their temperature taken when showing up to work. Anyone with a fever or not feeling well will be sent home. Staff will be taking every precaution available to maintain safety like wearing masks and staying 6 feet away from customers and other employees.

3) Hand sanitizer will be readily available for both staff and patrons.

4) We will provide masks and disposable gloves for any player requesting them.

5) We have added additional time between games to make sure we can thoroughly clean and sanitize the rooms after each and every game.

6) We will be utilizing both UV sanitizing wands along with applying antimicrobial solutions with an atomizing mist system used in doctor’s offices proved to be far superior than trigger style spray bottles (currently we are the only escape room company incorporating this into our disinfecting routine).


Did your question not get answered above?


Have you had the chance to try and escape every room at Escape the Room? Every room has a different theme and difficulty level, and will provide a completely unique escape room experience. Whether you are robbing a bank or escaping the dig, you and your team are in for a challenge. Can you get in and out in 60 minutes or less? See if you can escape them all!

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