DALLAS escape rooms:
try to escape in under
60 minutes

Dallas Rooms - Dallas Rooms THE DIG A small group of 8 excavators has been called to the deep and harrowing depths of the earth where they’re left in the dark in more ways than one. The Dig is one of our newest and most exhilarating rooms where you’ll have the opportunity to solve a mystery as you make your way to salvation and the upper surface. See for yourself what secrets await those brave enough to answer the cavern’s call. Can your ideas help light the way out in under 60 minutes? Dallas Rooms - Dallas Rooms Dallas Rooms - Dallas Rooms WESTERN BANK HEIST Saddle up for a trip to the old west in Western Bank Heist. You and nine others must rob a bank and get out with all the loot in less than 60 minutes. Conjure up your best Billy the Kid attitude and get ready to work against the clock. Dallas Rooms - Dallas Rooms Dallas Rooms - Dallas Rooms THE AGENCY Always wanted to live the life of a spy? In The Agency, 10 players become secret agents thrown into a 60-minute classified challenge. All agents must bring their training and ingenuity to successfully complete the mission. Fail to escape The Agency before time runs out and your superiors will disavow your very existence. Proceed with utmost caution. Dallas Rooms - Dallas Rooms


Escape The Room Dallas-Fort Worth is all about creating the most unique experience for you, your friends, family or co-workers. While we keep the secrets hidden in our escape games close to the vest we don’t mind sharing about ourselves a bit more. Once you pick which room you’re going to play, take a few moments to find out more about us.

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